Swift 600D

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Universal, very lightweight lifejacket with a wide range of uses. Suitable for competition beginners, hire and hiking. Adjustable shoulder straps allow for proper tightening in the upper part of the life jacket so that it fits better on the body and does not restrict free movement. The recovery strap system enables the correct tightening in the lower part of the lifejacket so that it fits better on the body and prevents the lifejacket from slipping over the head in the event of capsizing. The tightening system is positioned at the sides and at the front of the opening lifejackets. The pull straps on the sides tighten the lifejacket so that it fits snugly around the body but still offers the desired freedom of movement.
ISO 12402-5 and ISO 12402-6

Colour: black


Size: S/M body weight from 30-60 kg - 60N


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