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The unusual packboat

Stellar Packboat Dragonfly

High-tech and nostalgia are ingeniously combined with the Dragonfly: The combination of fiberglass and Kevlar makes an ultra-light yet robust packboat possible with only 12.5 kg. Stellar stands for high-quality workmanship and the use of the best materials: e.g. Dupont, Toray, 3M and Lantor.

The Dragonfly takes you to the lake/river with unusual ease. As a result, the Dragonfly has many possible uses for the little escapes from everyday life. It can be transported quickly, easily and carefree.

The Dragonfly is available in 5 different colors: green, red and orange, light blue and dark blue.
Each one is a real lover's boat due to the noble workmanship and the use of oiled hardwood.

Suitable for

Paddler weight: 50-100 kg
Load: 200 kg
Lightweight: yes
Leisure, sit-on-top, beginner


Weight: 12.5 kg
Construction: Laminated


Base price: from € 2,349.00


Length: 351 cm
Width: 71.7 cm

The incomparable packboat

Features at a glance

The Dragonfly is a very lightweight solo canoe for one person plus luggage. Unique: it paddles like a kayak, but leaves open space for additional load.

Lightweight ...

Weighing only 12.5 kg and 3.51 meters long, the Packboat can be easily stowed on the roof rack, even on its own. It's also quickly attached to the roof of a camper.

Paddling with a dog

This kayak is also ideal for paddling with a dog: there is plenty of room for a medium-sized dog in the front area and it is always within reach.

Canadian with kayak seat

This packboat paddles like a kayak - the kayak seat and footrests allow for a comfortable and ergonomic seating position.

... for heavy loads

The Dragonfly can take loads of up to 200 kg. A child, dog, fishing gear or camping equipment can easily be accommodated. Buoyancy air spaces in the bow and stern make the Packboat unsinkable.

Stable & smooth-running

Despite its compactness, it has very good directional stability and good speed. This is due to at the pronounced keel at the stern.

These points make the Dragonfly special

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drain plug

You will find an opening here for pressure equalization and drainage.


The kayak is laminated with fiberglass and has a gelcoat layer. This will make it light and stable.

Comfortable kayak seat

Unlike with Canadians, you sit here with a low center of gravity, comfortably in a seat shell. This makes the boat even more stable and tipping over is almost impossible.


You can support yourself on this baseboard with your feet. This gives you full contact with the boat and even more safety. The bars can be adjusted in length

Hull shape

Due to the fuselage shape, which tapers at the end, you have good straight-line stability, even in a little more wind.

real wood parts

Coaming and ribs are made of lightweight wood.

Own boat name

You want to add your own boat name? Talk to us and we'll do it for you.