Everything for #purepaddling

New: Black Edition Pro

The extremely stiff hexagon carbon for efficient paddling with low weight


Sporty sit-on tops

The alternative to the seat hatch: kayaks with an open shell for sporty paddling!

New: DesignKayaks

New in the programme: DesignKayaks! The colourful sea kayaks made from high-quality three-layer PE.

Sea kayaks for adventure

Discover the excellent sea kayaks Handmade in Finland and push your limits:

Divisible, lightweight kayaks

Lightweight kayaks, easy to transport and great for paddling - even as a tandem!

Fly & Try international

Use our proximity to Hamburg and Basel airports: come and find your dream kayak!

You have reached your destination:

Welcome to the water sports paradise!

Here you will only find excellent things for water sports! We would also use everything from our range for our touring adventures ourselves:

Discover the kayaks for tours or expeditions, the award-winning Lite Venture® Touring sup boards and select accessories.