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Next level fishing and premiere at Angelwelt Berlin: The ALTRA Roamer with electric propeller drive can cover distances faster. Despite its sleek shape, it offers a high degree of stability. Ideal for anyone who wants to get to their fishing grounds quickly. The stable kayak allows you to work in a relaxed manner, even when standing up.

As you would expect from ALTRA, the boat is the ideal base for transporting and attaching equipment. It has aluminium rails at the front and rear for flexible storage of fishing tackle and holders. The bow features a generous tailgate with a luggage hatch. Step areas are lined all round with non-slip, profiled rubber. The robust rail at the rear and a handle at the front allow a secure grip when transporting the kayak trolley with two people or alone.

The seat is adjustable and very comfortably padded, yet resilient. It is integrated into the kayak in such a way that there is plenty of room at the front to move around the boat and you can reach the motor controls from the seat.

The electric propeller drive is included as an option and provides the thrust you need for a fully loaded kayak! It can be easily attached to the mount in the stern and removed for transport and storage.

A first-class fishing kayak that offers a surprising amount of space and comfort for its compact size!

Electric motor: without motor

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