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Test center near Heilbronn

The Brettlespaddler offer tours and courses on the Neckar around Heilbronn and Stuttgart. You can feel in good hands with the trained lifeguards and GSUPA trainers.

The Lite Venture SUP Boards

These boards are for onsite testing:
Lite Venture Cruzer 14" x 27'5"
Lite Venture Cruzer 12'6" x 30"
Lite Venture ULTRA Fast 14" x 28"
Lite Venture ULTRA Light 12'2 x 30"
Lite Venture FUSE 11'6" & 12'6"
Lite Venture Black Edition Endurance Paddle
Lite Venture Black Edition Powertrack Paddle

More information about the models:

How does testing at the test station work?

There are no fixed opening times. The best way to make an appointment is to use the phone number or email below. If you choose a SUP, it will be sent to your home directly from Lite Venture's central warehouse.

🇬🇧 Test station near Heilbronn

Joachim Baum & Thomas Speer
0157/721 054 84
Mail :
Keplerstraße 50, 74357 Bönnigheim
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