STELLAR S2E Tandem Surfski

Tandem for surf ski pros

The two-stroke steam engine

Stellar Surfski S2E Tandem

This is the racing machine for a well-rehearsed duo with clean paddling technique - or for those who want to train to get there.

The Stellar S2E Tandem Surfski brings the optimum in stability and speed in this class, making it one of the fastest yet most stable surfskis on the market. The Stellar Elite Double (S2E) Surf Ski is therefore also able to cope with rough conditions on the sea.

Suitable for

Paddler weight: 70-110 kg
Load: 220 kg
Light weight: yes
Downwind, training, marathon, competition, professionals


Excel layup: 18 kg
Construction: laminated


Excel Layup: 4.490,00 €
Gelcoat Wet sanded (Matt): 100 €
Apex Design: 250 €
Control fin: 70 €
Rudder: 120 €


Length: 750 cm
Width: 48 cm

Features of the S2E tandem at a glance

The tandem surf ski is ideal for this

This tandem racer is an outstanding surf ski: Ideal as a competition and training device for an ambitious paddler duo or for training in a club. On request we can order it as desired. In the light Excel layup, it weighs only 18 kilos and is 750 cm long!

Paddling technique training

Ideal for advanced training in clean paddling technique in pairs.

fitness training


These points make the S2E tandem special

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Optionale steering possible

The S2E comes with an understern rudder. An addition of Smart Track Ski Heckruder is possible.

Andersen Bailer

The S2E is equipped with the Andersen Bailer.

Stable handle

Carrying handle made of carbon

Understern Rudder

The S2E has an 8" understern rudder. Alternatively, 4" and 10" rudders are also available.

Increase in the front area

In the front area of ​​the seat pan, the sides are raised so that less water can penetrate into the seat area. In the rear, the sides are kept lower for easier re-entry.