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Sit on top - the kayaks with easy access

Here you will find various kayaks that are designed without a hatch. Choose from the light and fast SoT (Sit on Tops) from Stellar or the robust and more affordable models from Altra Kayaks:

This is what characterises the Stellar Sit on Top kayaks

Stellar Lightweight specialises in lightweight construction and manufactures kayaks and surf skis. The sit-on-top kayaks all have a touring kayak as a counterpart and share the lower hull with it. They therefore have nothing in common with the usual, very wide and cumbersome SoT kayaks. This makes them ideal for people who do not want to or cannot sit in a "hatch" kayak but want a more sporty vehicle. We offer three different lengths - the longer, the sportier:

S14S „Puffin“

With a length of 436 cm and a width of 63 cm, the most compact from Stellar. Very light at 16 kilos. With spacious hatch for luggage. Good-natured characteristics, suitable for beginners.

S16S „Kingfisher“

With a length of 488 cm and a width of 58 cm, this is a somewhat sportier kayak that can also be used for longer tours. Also with storage space in the stern - suitable for beginners to advanced paddlers.

S18S Exp „Egret“

The ideal sit-on-top for multi-day tours, fitness or long distances with stability reserves. At 548 cm long and 57 cm wide, not yet a racer, but a speedy kayak for the more experienced.

More about this model

Good to know: Stellar Egret is also available as a divisible version

As transporting and storing the 548 cm long Stellar Egret Sit on Top can be difficult, this model is also available as a divisible version. Like the tried-and-tested modular Stellar S14 Mod and Stellar ST19 Mod models, it is connected via screw connections without any play.

Advantages of sit-on-top kayaks at a glance:


At 16 to 18 kilos in a robust carbon/Kevlar layup, the SoT kayaks are very light and therefore easy to handle on your own.

Easy access

Fast entry and exit are an advantage if you have limited manoeuvrability or a slight wave in coastal waters.


The open seat area allows for leg work and "pushing off" on the stem board. Comfortable to adjust and also suitable for long legs.

Seating position

Sitting with slightly bent legs and closed knees can be more comfortable than the "frog position" in a classic kayak.

Sporty paddling

The two longer models, Kingfisher and Egret, are particularly suitable for fitness paddling. The footboard and seating position support active leg work.

Passive draining

A drainage opening - the so-called bailer - at the lowest point of the cockpit enables passive suction of the spray water that gets into the boat over time.

These points make the Dragonfly special

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Drain plug

You will find an opening here for pressure equalisation and drainage.


The kayak is laminated with fibreglass and has a gelcoat layer. This makes it light and stable.

Cosy kayak seat

In contrast to canoes, you sit here with a low centre of gravity, comfortably in a seat shell. This makes the boat even more stable and almost impossible to tip over.

Skirting board

You can rest your feet on this foot rail. This gives you full contact with the boat and even more safety. The mouldings can be adjusted in length

Hull shape

The tapered hull shape at the end gives you good directional stability, even in slightly stronger winds.

Real wood parts

The coaming and spans are made of lightweight wood.

Own boat name

Would you like to add your own boat name? Talk to us and we'll do it for you.

The advantages of the Altra Sit-on-Top

Features at a glance

Control via footrests

The kayak is steered using the stern rudder and adjustable footrests.


Additional parts such as aluminium rails and rod holders offer the option of customising the working environment

Storage compartments

The practical storage compartment enables the protected and organised transport of smaller items of equipment.

Advice on the sit-on-top kayak:

We are always happy to advise you personally, either by email: or by phone: 07634 / 340 9871