Leete Venture & Bajao Cabin

SUP-Trekking with tent

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Overnighter or multi-day adventure on the SUP

Bajao + Lite Venture Ultra Light

It has been common among kayak paddlers for decades: paddling tours lasting several days and spending the night on the shore. “Living by the river” (or by the lake or on the coast...) is an adventure that is also possible with the SUP. With the ingenious Lite Venture Touring SUP and the well thought-out Bajao tent, you now have the perfectly matched equipment in the package.

Dream team: Lite Venture SUP + Bajao

Waterproof backpack

The light Lite Venture Ultra Light SUP can be carried as a backpack to the starting point of the paddling tour.

Everything on board

On the water there are clothes and the SUP tent in the waterproof backpack on the board. Thanks to the luggage nets, everything finds its place on the SUP.

There is space everywhere

For overnight stays, the board with the Bajao turns into a camp that can fit anywhere - even on a narrow bank or on the water.

Stable and wide enough

The sidepipes of the Bajao stabilise the tent. This means you can spend the night on the water without fear of your camp "tipping over". The board is 76 cm wide. When sleeping on the water, attach the tent to a branch or tree with your leash.

Quick setup

You use your SUP pump to set it up - you don't need any rods. The board offers a stable base and allows you to spend the night even on uneven, muddy ground or on the water.

Cozy nest

Enjoy your new perspective: In the cozy nest on your board, very close to the water and yet protected. You can leave the tent open and watch the stars for a bit or close everything and look forward to the next day.

The Bajao tested by SUP TV

SUP TV presents the Bajao Cabin in detail in this video and reports on the structure and the possibilities for use. Conclusion: “A damn cool product!” and: “Not for the normal camper but for the paddler who is looking for adventure!”

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More about the brilliant touring SUP ULTRA Light:

The Lite Venture ULTRA Light SUP sets the standard for the perfect touring board: stiff, stable, resilient and super light! It is the ideal companion for long tours and independence from cars and other means of transport. Find out more here: Go directly to ULTRA Light SUP

Waterproof backpack

Ingenious concept: The backpack is included in the set and expands your radius of action enormously.

Carbon paddle optional

Complement the set with a light carbon paddle and unlock the full potential of this board at the set price!

Flat rocker

The board uses its full length on the water, which gives it speed and high tracking stability.

Wide rear

The shape of the rear provides high stability even with higher payloads or difficult conditions.


Thanks to the high-tech fabric, the board remains as stiff as a board up to 120 kilos of point load!