Stellar Surfski SR

The Stellar Racer (SR) is stable and fast and therefore suitable for paddlers who want a fast surf ski with stability reserves in rough conditions.

The new SR has a significantly narrower upper ship and lower volume in the footwell. The seat has been moved forward to catch waves more easily and the volume in the bow has been increased slightly to make exiting waves easier.

The shape of the hull that many paddlers are so excited about , has been maintained! The beauty of the SR is that you can keep up your paddling rhythm without having to support yourself. This allows you to maintain a constantly higher core speed than in a racing ski, where you would have to support yourself.

Suitable for

Paddler weight: 60-95 kg
Lightweight: yes
Downwind, training, marathon, competition, ambitious


Advantage Layup: 15.5 kg
Multisport Layup: 15.3 kg
Excel Layup: 11.5 kg
Construction: laminated


Advantage Layup: from 2.990,00 €
Multisport Layup: from 3.490,00 €
Excel Layup: from 3.490,00 €
Control fin: 70 €
Rudder: 120 €


Length: 584 cm
Width: 48 cm

These points make the SR special

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Optionale steering possible

The Falcon comes with an understern rudder. An addition of Smart Track Ski Heckruder is possible.

Andersen Bailer

The SR is equipped with the Andersen Bailer.

Stable handle

Carrying handle made of carbon

Understern Rudder

The SR has an 8" understern rudder. Alternatively, 4" and 10" rudders are also available.

Increase in the front area

In the front area of ​​the seat pan, the sides are raised so that less water can penetrate into the seat area. In the rear, the sides are kept lower for easier re-entry.

Optimized bow shape

The narrow bow shape makes the SR a fast surf ski.