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Skim Braveheart

The Braveheart is a fast sea kayak with very good handling. Ideal for the most difficult conditions. If you want to improve your paddling skills and are looking for a challenge in difficult conditions, then the Braveheart with its unbelievable stability and maneuverability is your ideal partner.

This kayak contains the experience of 20 years of kayak building and the use of the latest technologies. Particular attention was paid to the deck design, which is often neglected. The shape of the deck allows for a lighter and stiffer construction, resulting in a lower center of gravity than usual. A factor that leads to the outstanding stability.

The Braveheart and Braveheart LV are the sea kayaks of choice for very rough conditions and surf surfing. Her flat hull offers a high degree of stability. The Braveheart reacts very quickly and can be precisely controlled in the wave. Both Beaufort and Braveheart models are skeg equipped.

Suitable for

Paddler weight: 70-105 kg
Separable: yes
Tours, multi-day tours, sea kayaking, surf surfing, expedition


Traditional Layup (TR): 25.5 kg
Rockhopper Layup (RH): 24.0 kg
Carbon Light Layup (CL): 22.5 kg
Construction: laminated


Traditional Layup (TR): from € 3,745.00
Rockhopper Layup (RH): from € 4,390.00
Carbon Light Layup (CL): from € 5,240.00
Laminated keel strip ex works: € 175
Three-piece kayak: € 1695
Individual colour: € 295


Seat hatch: 78 x 41 cm
Length: 503 cm
Width: 53.1 cm
Volume: 324 l
Volume front hatch: 88 l
Volume rear hatch: 54 l
Day hatch volume, front: 5.2 l
Day hatch volume, rear: 30.8 l

The advantages of the Braveheart

Features at a glance

Close contact with the boat

Smaller / lighter paddlers sit in the LV with very good contact to the kayak. The deck at the back is flat - ideal for rolling and not susceptible to wind.

Deck construction

The recessed deck strip allows water to drain away, stiffens the deck and lowers the center of gravity - for added stability.


The Braveheart is also equipped with the robust skeg. It can be used in doses from the cockpit. A rudder can be upgraded ex works if desired.

Weight & layups

Even in the robust Rockhopper layup, the Braveheart LV only weighs around 23 kilos. It belongs to the Challenge Series and is therefore available in Traditional, Rockhopper and Carbon Light layups.

Baggage transport

The rear luggage hatch on the LV has an oval opening. This means that larger items such as tents can also be stowed away. The kayak can be used for expeditions.


In particular, the Rockhopper layup in conjunction with the Kevlar keel strip makes the Braveheart robust and also enables harder landing maneuvers.

stability and control

The flat hull construction gives the Braveheart a very high stability.

Bracket paddle support

There are two paddle mounts behind the cockpit. These fix it when extra security is required when solo respawning.

Beveled bulkhead

The wall behind the seat is sloped, making it easier to drain water. In addition, there is more valuable space for luggage.

These points make the Braveheart special

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Stable deck construction

The recessed deck strip brings high rigidity with less weight.

Thigh braces for close contact

Optimum control through close contact.

2 day storage compartments

There are two small storage compartments within easy reach of the cockpit.


Free-moving toggles on the front and back: carrying handles that don't twist your hand

Bracket paddle support

The paddle can be fixed behind the cockpit for paddle support in difficult conditions.


Built in as standard on every Skim sea kayak.

Eike Koehler about the Braveheart LV

Eike Köhler has been using Skim kayaks for his travels and expeditions for over ten years. Here he talks about his impressions of the Braveheart. Eike paddles all Skim kayaks in the low volume version.