STELLAR S18 Expedition

The tourer for adventurers

STELLAR S18 Expedition

long-distance tourer

STELLAR S18 Expedition

long-distance tourer
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The fast touring kayak from Stellar with lots of storage space

STELLAR S18 Expedition

The S18 Expedition is for medium to large sized paddlers looking for a fast boat with large volume for payload. It is characterized by high stability and directional stability.

The kayak also has a day hatch, a small hatch directly behind the seat and a keel strip. It is equipped as standard with the multisport layup with Smart Track rear rudder.

The touring kayaks for enduring adventurers: The S18 and S16 as well as the S15LV are made for long tours due to their length. The S18 Exp. is even faster than the S16 due to its additional length. The slightly concave bow and stern increases tracking stability.

Suitable for

Paddler weight: 70-120 kg
Load: 175 kg
Lightweight: yes
Tours, multi-day tours, expeditions, ambitious


Weight: 18.5 kg
Construction: laminated
Layup variants: multisport


Length: 548 cm
Width: 54.7 cm
Seat hatch: 81 x 44 cm
Volume front hatch: 87 l
Volume hatch rear: 130 l
Day hatch front: available
Day hatch aft: present


Multisport layup: from €3,490.00
Laminated keel strip ex works: €120

S18 Exp compared to S18R

Length 550 cm (Exp) / 548 cm (R)
Width 54.7 cm (Exp) / 51.2 cm (R)
Luggage volume: equal to
Weight: 18.5kg (Exp) / 17.8kg (R)
Bull stripe: Standard on S18 Exp
SmartTrack: included with both

The benefits of the Stellar S18 Expedition

Convincing equipment for adventure

In the series of fast touring kayaks from Stellar, the models S18 Expedition and S18R (Racer) are the fastest due to their length of five and a half meters. In contrast to the S18R, the S18 Exp has a slightly larger width to offer more stability and a factory-installed keel strip.

Two day storage compartments

There are two small storage compartments and the luggage nets that are directly accessible from the cockpit.

View into the cockpit:

Side footrests, adjustable from the seat, drinking bottle holder on the seat, lower hull made of carbon-kevlar (multisport layup).

Kevlar keel strips

The hull is additionally protected by the Kevlar keel strip, which is installed as standard on the S18 Exp.

Speed ​​& Stability

The long tourer offers easily controllable and stable handling even in difficult conditions. Photo: H-P Bauch at the Hiddensee Marathon, © Kerstin Kollwey

Smart Track Tail Rudder

The SmartTrack control system is also standard on the S18 Expedition (and on the S18R).

What customers say about the S18 Exp

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Detlef Fischer

I bought my S18 Expedition in Krakow 6 months ago and have since travelled around 800 km with it, both in salt and
fresh water. From Germany via Croatia to Istria on the
Mediterranean Sea, we have experienced a lot together. Despite...

These points make the S18 Expedition special

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Smart Track Tail Rudder

Included with every S18 Expedition

Large cockpit hatch and comfortable seat

With its oval hatch measuring 81 cm x 4 cm, the cockpit allows for easy entry and exit

Generous hatches

Generous and easily lockable hatches for a lot of payload.

Two day storage compartments

Within range from the seat.

Kevlar keel strips

Standard for the S18 Expedition: The hull is additionally protected by the continuous, robust Kevlar keel strip.

Multisport Layup

The most robust Stellar layup is the standard for the S18 Expedition: the hull is made of the carbon-kevlar layup.

Long waterline

Typical for Stellar also uses the S18Exp. almost the entire length on the water, which at 550 cm gives enormous track and speed.