Lite Venture® Supsurfing Hardboard

10‘6 Ray

Lite Venture® for waves and touring

Ray 12‘0

Lite Venture® Ray Supsurf Hardboards

10‘6 Ray Supsurfer

Lite Venture Ray 10‘6 & 12‘0

The two Lite Venture® all-round hardboards: Like all boards in the Woodline, they delight with a fine wooden deck made of paulownia and an efficient, gliding shape. Both boards have a slight rocker and a flat double concave on the bottom.

The compact 10'6" "Surf" is ideal for fun in the waves for paddlers up to 85 kilos. If you want to use it intensively in the waves and not for tours / flatwater, you can also go up to 100 kilos in weight.

The 12'0 is the choice if you want to paddle longer distances or for people who weigh up to 110 kg.

10'6" x 31'5 Ray Turquoise

Person 55-85 kg
216 l Vol. | 11 kg
1 Allround-Finne G10
Türkis / Gelb

10‘6“ x 31‘5 Supsurf

person 55-85 kg
216 l vol. | 11 kg
3 fin system, non-slip pad

12‘0“ x 31‘5 Ray

Person 60-100 kg
231 l Vol. | 12 kg
1 All-round fin G10

Lite Venture® Ray models

These properties characterize the SUP boards for waves

Ray 10'6 and 12'0

The Ray comes in two lengths. 10'6 is optimized for sup surfing and agile behaviour, 12'0 also combines touring/flat water.

The technical

Non-slip deck pad and three fins distinguish the 10'6 Ray Supsurf from the 10'6 Ray.

Three Finns at 10'6

Two side mini fins can be added to the 10'6 Ray Supsurf model. They are included with the board.

Ray 10‘6

The compact Ray with a length of 10'6 also allows supsurfing in more moderate conditions. In shallow water it can be used for shorter tours.

Can be combined with Wing

When it's windy, the 10'6 hardboards can also be combined with a wing. A sense of achievement can be achieved more quickly in this combination than with wing foiling.

Ray 12‘0

Supsurfing and touring combined: The longer Ray in 12'0 impresses with its suitability for two worlds.

Flat rocker

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Carbon paddle set

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The Ray 12'0 x 31 tested by Martin Teichmann and /

Conclusion: Extremely good processing quality and top properties on the water. The board can be tested at SupTrip in Potsdam and at all other Lite Venture test stations.

Ray 10'6: Very good straight-line stability

The short Ray 10'6 has surprisingly good straight-line stability: here in the video to the left of the XRide with dimensions 12'6 x 29

Try this board near you:

Just contact the location of your choice and make an appointment. Test the board you want. The board will be sent directly to you and your desired address when you place your order. When ordering, please let us know which station you tested it at.