The popular tourer in two versions

FUSE 11'6 & 12'6

FUSE: The best of both worlds

An excellent touring experience: The Lite Venture® FUSE combines the advantages of the ULTRA Light SUP with an attractive price. The stiffness of the FUSE results from the use of high-quality prelaminated woven dropstitch material, which is also used in the super-stiff ULTRA Touring SUPs.

The FUSE 11'6" is suitable for people who want greater stability and safety, the FUSE 12'6" is a more sporty touring board with very good gliding properties.

Suitable for

Person weight 55-100 kg
Total payload 120 kg
Orientation leisure


11'6" x 31" | 12'6" x 30"
335x79 | 366x76 cm
10.5kg | 320 liters


Laminated woven
double layer drop stitch,
TPU (backpack)


Board, waterproof backpack, double action pump, leash, fin, repair kit

The advantages of the Stellar S14

Features at a glance

The popular S14 touring kayak is just as interesting for beginners as it is for more experienced paddlers who want a compact kayak.


The subtle color design - close to nature, but sporty - and a coordinated material composition for best performance characterize the 10.5 kg light board.


Laminated, double-layer dropstitch fabric makes the board stiff: this fabric minimizes vibrations due to its processing technique.


Small details such as the embroidered handle and the material and color composition give a coherent overall impression.

day trip

Everything for the tour in direct access and quickly at hand. Thanks to the 9 D-rings in the front there are many attachment options. The DogPad can also be fixed.

stuff sack

The board comes in the proven ULTRA Light backpack with back padding and hip belt. It is waterproof made of pvc-free TPU material with a rough feel.


Thanks to their flat rocker, both boards use their entire length on the water - ideal for effortless gliding and longer distances into the evening hours...

Safe on the SUP

We recommend wearing life jackets in all situations. The Lite Venture Marathon Racer offers generous freedom of movement, is not bulky and offers plenty of space for utensils. It also meets the regulations for Lake Constance and Swiss lakes.

You can find out more about security in our blog.

Try this board near you:

Simply contact the location of your choice and make an appointment. Test the board you want. The board will be sent directly to you and your desired address when you place your order. When ordering, please let us know at which station you tested it.