Ideal for family use or rental

Tough shell hard boards

Lite Venture® Tough Shell

Insensitive hardboards

The hardboards of the Though Shell line are made of durable, particularly robust polycarbonate. This means that they offer excellent gliding properties
of a hardboard, are insensitive and attractively priced. Our concept for families or for rental use.

Allround 10'6" x 32"

Individual 45-110kg
Board weight 13.6 kg
non-slip pad
Polycarbonate Turquoise

Touring 11'6" x 30"

Individual 45-110kg
Board weight 13.6 kg
non-slip pad
Polycarbonate Turquoise

Touring Wood 12x32"

Individual 55-120kg
Board weight 13.9 kg
non-slip pad
Polycarbonate wood look

Sophisticated concept: tough shell hardboards

The advantages of the robust Hardboard SUPs

If you would like to enjoy the advantages of a hardboard, but are looking for an inexpensive and robust board, you have come to the right place. We offer three shapes in two color versions. All three models have the advantages that we present here:

Valuable design

The tough shell hardboards have a high-quality, appealing look.

carrying handles

There are sturdy, padded carrying handles at the bow and stern so that two people can carry the boards.

Tough-shell material

Made from polycarbonate. This makes them insensitive to scratches and bumps.

Shape for directional stability

The Tough Shell Touring Boards have a molded keel that aids in tracking stability.

Resilient for touring

Luggage nets are located at the front and rear. The boards offer a high load capacity.


Easy to secure with a cable lock thanks to the continuous opening at the rear.

Club or rental use

SUP boards for rental stations

Would you like to rent SUP boards but do without the maintenance that inflatable boards require? The Tough Shell hardboards from Lite Venture are very well suited for use in rentals, because they are insensitive, easy to control (even inexperienced people have a quick sense of achievement), have a high load capacity and they can be connected outside.

We offer special conditions for the purchase of several boards and for use for rental purposes. Call us or send us an email:

Try this board near you:

Simply contact the location of your choice and make an appointment. Test the board you want. The board will be sent directly to you and your desired address when you place your order. When ordering, please let us know at which station you tested it.