Stellar S14S G2

The fastest sit-on-top
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The easily accessible recreational kayak

Stellar S14S G2 Sit-on-Top

The S14S is a recreational sit-on-top kayak that makes getting in and out a breeze by eliminating the need to enter through a hatch altogether. Unlike other boats of this length, the S14S has the speed of a much longer boat, but can also be paddled comfortably by beginners.

The boat's control system is also very comfortable and responsive. A rear hatch offers storage space for day trips or short multi-day tours. Its short length and light weight make it ideal for those looking for a high-performance boat that is easy to use and transport.

Suitable for

Paddler weight: 60-90 kg
Load: 145 kg
Lightweight: yes
Leisure, sit-on-top, tours, beginners


Advantage layup: 16 kg
Multisport layup: 16 kg
Construction: laminated
Layup variants: Advantage, multisport


Advantage Layup: from € 2,690.00
Multisport Layup: from € 2,990.00
Gelcoat Wet sanded (Matt): 100 €
Apex Design: 250 €


Length: 436 cm
Width: 62.6 cm
Rear hatch volume: 100 l
Front day hatch volume: 30 l

The advantages of the S14S

The most convincing SOT of its kind

If you're looking for a light sit-on-top kayak for sporting use, you've come to the right place: the Stellar model offers the stability that recreational paddlers want. It can be moved faster than almost any other kayak in this category. The light weight and the optimized hull play an important role. Typical for Stellar, the compact S14S uses almost the entire line on the water, which contributes to the speed.

Ergonomic position

Thanks to the adjustable footrests, the S14S can be adjusted to your own leg length and preferred seating position. There is plenty of legroom for those who prefer to paddle with their legs drawn up.

Fast waterline

The S14S uses almost its entire length on the water. This results in the excellent speed and directional stability for its compact length.

Kayak without a seat hatch

Thanks to the easy entry, the S14S is the solution for people who do not use a kayak with a seat hatch - whether due to physical conditions or because it feels safer for them.

These points make the S14S special

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Optionale steering possible

The S14S has a skeg installed that ensures good directional stability. Optionally, a control can be mounted.

Easy entry and comfortable seat

Enter and exit at any time without maneuvering in an enclosed cockpit

Spacious luggage hatch

The stern houses a large opening hatch. It is also suitable for transporting luggage for a longer tour.


As with the S14 kayak, a skeg is installed with which the compact boat can be steered very well. By default, we order the high-quality skegs from Kayaksport.

Long waterline

The S14S tracks almost the entire length on the water.

S14S presentation by Ben Lawry

Ben presents the innovations made on the S14S G2 (G2 = 2nd generation):