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Safely through the cold season:

With the Hiko Valkyrie you can also paddle in cold conditions and are protected from cold shock due to sudden immersion in case of doubt. Please note, however:

The suit has a neoprene cuff at the neck for greater comfort when paddling. Moisture can penetrate through this over time. It is therefore not suitable for sea kayaking tours or white water. However, it is a very comfortable suit to wear when paddling on flat water tours, both on the SUP and in the kayak. We also recommend wearing a neoprene cap to protect your head in the event of sudden immersion.

Always wear a leash when paddling on the SUP so that the board stays close to you if you fall into the water. By wearing a life jacket, you ensure that you will always make it back to the surface. Practise getting out of the water and back onto the board quickly with your winter equipment - because the suit protects you from feeling cold in the water for a few minutes, but it is not made for longer stays. Depending on the insulating layer you wear under the suit and the water temperature, your body may cool down. The cuffs are latex-free and comfortable for sports, but they will let moisture through if you are in the water for a long time. It is also safer to paddle with at least two people.

Have fun on the water with your new equipment!

Size recommendation for the HIKO Valkyrie:

Size S: up to body height 170 cm / up to body weight approx. 70 kg
Size M: up to body height 178 cm / up to body weight approx. 80 kg
Size L: up to body height 185 cm / up to body weight 90 kg
Size XL: up to body height 195 cm / up to body weight 110 kg
Size 2XL: body weight over 110 kg