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Divisible sea kayaks

The sea kayaks from Skim in Finland are outstanding in terms of design, function and workmanship. And now you can order every model as a split kayak! When split, your Skim sea kayak can be easily transported to the starting point of your sea kayak expedition. This is also practical for compact storage in your home, cellar or garage.

The robust system joins the parts together firmly and absolutely free of play. The split kayak is just as tough as its undivided counterpart. We would be happy to advise you on choosing the right model and organise a test drive at our test locations.

That's what makes Skim's divisible kayak so special:

Compact individual parts

The kayak is divided where the bulkheads are located. This results in 3 parts, the longest of which measures approx. 200 cm.

Robust screw connection

The parts are screwed together with tool-free screws. The walls are robust and the connection is firm.

Connection without play

When joined together, the divisible kayaks are just as stiff and resilient - even in rough conditions - as their undivided counterparts.

The divisible Beaufort in the video

Anne from Lite Venture presents the divisible Skim Beaufort in the video: Size and weight of the parts as well as the connection technology.

The models from Skim

First decide which kayak best suits your requirements and then order it as a divisible version, configured with the layup of your choice and your desired colours! You can test almost any model by appointment in your area. Here are our test centres.

Skim Beaufort

The Baufort is the versatile expedition kayak. It is available in three volumes for paddlers of different weights:

To the Skim Beaufort
To the Skim Beaufort LV
To the Skim Beaufort XL

Skim Braveheart

If you are looking for an agile sea kayak with outstanding stability and precise controllability, the Braveheart will inspire you. Available in two volumes:

To the Skim Braveheart
To the Skim Braveheart LV

Skim Artisan 5G

Inspired by the boat design of the classic Greenlanders, the Artisan comes with a length of 550 cm and plenty of extra volume for luggage. Ideal for long expeditions and long distances:

To the Skim Artisan 5G

Skim Differ

A very sporty sea kayak that is aimed more at advanced paddlers due to its slim, narrow shape. Load volume and comfort in the seating area are tight, making the Differ perfect for fast day trips.

To the Skim Differ

Which divisible sea kayak is the right one?

We are always happy to advise you personally, either by email: or phone: 07634 / 340 9871