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The sea kayak for big paddlers

Skim Beaufort XL

The Skim Beaufort is an expedition kayak. It stands for the perfect balance between clean handling, speed and directional stability. The high maneuverability and stability provide security in difficult conditions. It achieves high cruising speeds and is therefore ideally suited for multi-week expeditions where the circumstances are unpredictable.

Beaufort XL: Specially adapted sea kayak for adults

The XL responds to the feedback of numerous testers who tested the Beaufort on our premises. We have noticed that particularly tall, heavy people want more space in the cockpit. In coordination with Skim Kaykas we were able to realize this project! The Beaufort XL has the same dimensions as the Beaufort in terms of length, width and volume of the luggage hatches. The width and length of the cockpit, leg length and deck height in front of the cockpit have been adjusted.

Suitable for

Paddler weight: 78-110 kg
Separable: yes
Tours, multi-day tours, sea kayak, expedition


Traditional Layup (TR): 25.5 kg
Rockhopper Layup (RH): 24.0 kg
Carbon Light Layup (CL): 22.5 kg
Construction: laminated


Traditional Layup (TR): from € 3,995.00
Rockhopper Layup (RH): from € 4,640.00
Carbon Light Layup (CL): from € 5.490.00 €
Laminated keel strip ex works: 175 €
Three-piece kayak: 1695 €
Individual colour: 295 €
Attachment locking bar: 40 €
Attachment towline clamp: 40 €


Seat hatch: 83 x 44 cm
Length: 513 cm
Width: 53.1 cm
Volume: 363.2 l
Volume front hatch: 88 l
Volume rear hatch: 71 l
Day hatch volume, front: 5.2 l
Day hatch volume, rear: 41.3 l

The advantages of the Beaufort LV

The adjustments to the XL and the typical properties of the Beaufort

Adjustments have been made to the Skim Beaufort XL so that larger/heavier people can also use it well. The proven properties of the model itself have not changed.

Enlarged entrance and coaming

Compared to the Beaufort, the XL has a wider and longer hatch, more legroom and more deck height.

More space in the cockpit

Entrance, deck height and length of the cockpit have been increased on the XL. It offers more space for long legs, feet up to shoe size 46 and more space to put on the legs.

Unchanged properties

Bottom, overall length and width, and the luggage hatches of the Skim Beaufort were not changed for the XL.

Challenge Series

Beaufort and Braveheart combine many features such as the rigid deck construction and robustness. The Beaufort differs particularly in its hull and waterline.

Negative tail

The atypically shaped stern lengthens the waterline and improves tracking. This is how agility and speed are combined.

Rigid deck construction

The recessed deck strip creates a stiffer deck, lower center of gravity and allows water to drain off the hatch covers.

Low deck

Easily accessible from the seat: skeg, two day hatches and the two luggage nets.

Well integrated seating position

Behind the deck is the device to securely fix the paddle at the support in the middle of the kayak. This helps with solo respawning.

Paddle float clamps

A feature of all Skim models: The sloping bulkhead behind the seat allows the kayak to be emptied quickly and reliably.

What has been adjusted on the Beaufort XL?

Anne from Lite Venture explains the Beaufort XL in the video. With his dimensions, Christian is the typical paddler for the XL and reports how it feels for him:

These points make the Beaufort XL special

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Large cockpit hatch and comfortable seat

The cockpit of the Beaufort XL measures 83 cm x 44 cm and is therefore even larger than the normal Beaufort.

Generous hatches

The Beaufort XL is easy to load through the oval hatches. The storage space is plentiful, making it an expedition-ready sea kayak.

security toggles

Free-moving toggles on the front and back: carrying handles that don't twist your hand

Two day storage compartments

The Beaufort XL has 2 day storage compartments in front of and behind the cockpit

keel jump

The Beaufort has less rocker than the Braveheart. It is therefore the faster of the two.

Rescue Clamps

The rescue clamps behind the cockpit can be used to fix the paddle there. Supplemented by a paddle float, it makes re-entry easier.

Beaufort Heck

The Beaufort differs from all other sea kayaks at first glance due to the unusual shape of its stern. This optimizes the waterline in relation to the overall length of the kayak.