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Skim Beaufort LV

The Beaufort and Beaufort LV are expedition kayaks. The Beaufort stands for the perfect balance between clean handling, speed and straight-line stability. The high maneuverability and stability provide security in difficult conditions. It achieves high cruising speeds and is therefore ideally suited for multi-week expeditions where the circumstances are unpredictable.

The Braveheart and Braveheart LV are the sea kayaks of choice for very rough conditions and surf surfing. Her flat hull offers a high degree of stability. The Braveheart reacts very quickly and can be precisely controlled in the wave. Both Beaufort and Braveheart models are equipped with skeg.

Suitable for

Paddler weight: 50-89 kg
Payload: -
Lightweight: no
Divisible: no
Tours, multi-day tours, sea kayak, expedition


Cockpit length x width: 79 x 41 cm
Weight: 21.2-24kg
Construction: laminated
Layups: Traditional (TR), Rockhopper (RH), Carbon Light (CL)

Technical specifications

Length: 503cm
Width: 51.2 cm
Volume: 331L
Volume hatch front: 141 l
Rear hatch volume: 79.5 l
Volume day hatch front: 5.2 l
Rear day hatch volume: 41.3 l


Sitzluke: 79 x 41 cm
Länge: 503 cm
Breite: 51,2 cm
Volumen: 331 l
Volumen Luke vorn: 141 l
Volumen Luke hinten: 79,5 l
Volumen Tagesluke vorn: 5,2 l
Volumen Tagesluke hinten: 41,3 l

The advantages of the Beaufort LV

Features at a glance

At Skim, the design is always a function. The kayaks are full of details that offer their owner an incomparable paddling experience.

Good to control

All models of the Beaufort can be steered well over the edge. The trail lengthened by the rear does not affect agile behavior.


Even in difficult conditions, the Beaufort remains easy to steer. It's less focused on surf surfing than the Braveheart but never becomes bulky due to its compactness.

Rigid deck construction

The recessed deck strip creates a stiffer deck, lower center of gravity and allows water drainage around the hatch covers.

negative tail

The atypically shaped stern lengthens the waterline and improves tracking. Agility and speed are thus combined.

Integrated seating position

Easily accessible from the seat: skeg, two day hatches and the two luggage nets.

Paddle float clamps

Behind the deck is the device to turn the paddle on the
Support to be fixed securely in the middle of the kayak. This helps with solo re-entry.

Not “LV” in baggage

Even in the low-volume version, the Beaufort offers storage space for multi-day tours.

Big hatch

The opening of the rear luggage hatch is oval on the Beaufort and thus offers the opportunity to stow larger items.

Fast draining cockpit

A feature of all Skim models: The sloping bulkhead behind the seat allows the kayak to be emptied quickly and reliably.

These points make the Beaufort LV special

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Large cockpit hatch and comfortable seat

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Generous hatches

Generous and easily lockable hatches. Front volume: XXX Rear volume: XXX

Stable handle

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day hatch

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Own boat name

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Eike Köhler has been using Skim kayaks for her expeditions and tours for many years. He paddles both the Beaufort and the Braveheart in the low-volume version. Here is the Beaufort LV report from his point of view: