Touring Kayak STELLAR S16

Fast on tour

Touring Kayak STELLAR S16

Fast on tour
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The S16 is a light tourer - fast but not too long

Kayak for everyday and travel

The S16 G2 is one of the most popular touring kayaks from Stellar: For the length of 495 cm, it is already a very fast touring kayak that is still compact and can be paddled lively. The shape of the hull supports the directional stability enormously.

With its dimensions, it is the ideal kayak for medium-sized paddlers with a paddler weight of 60 to 100 kg. It has sufficient storage volume for multi-day tours.

The S16 is equipped with a stern, front and day hatch as well as a stern rudder. If ordered individually, a keel strip is also possible, which gives the kayak additional robustness.

Suitable for

Paddler weight: 60-95 kg
Load: 145 kg
Light weight: yes
Leisure, tours, multi-day tours, ambitious


Advantage layup: 17 kg
Multisport layup: 17 kg
Construction: laminated
Layup variants: Advantage, Multisport


Advantage layup: from €2,990.00
Multisport layup: from €3,390.00
Laminated keel strip ex works: €120


Length: 495 cm
Width: 56.2 cm
Seat hatch: 85 x 44 cm
Volume front hatch: 70 l
Volume rear hatch: 105 l
Day hatch front: available

Features of this touring kayak at a glance

This is how the light tourer S16 is the most fun

Are you looking for a fast but not too long or bulky tourer? With the S16 you will have a lot of fun on quick after-work rides up to multi-day tours with luggage. It offers you many exciting features for this. Tip: Check out the adventures of Malin & Alin in our blog, who chose the Stellar S16 to paddle down the Danube at record speed. Click here for the blog post.

Gladly fast!

Fast and sporty gliding - this is particularly interesting if you want to cover a lot of ground! See the Danube adventure in S16

Balanced kayak

The S16 can be paddled very quickly, but is also balanced and safe. It is also suitable for beginners who want to improve their skills.


Weighing only 17 kilos in the carbon-kevlar layup (multisport), the S16 is also comfortable to carry. We recommend using the handles only when the kayak is empty.

Practical details...

Day hatch and nets with direct access, trough behind the cockpit to assist with paddle floats, adjustable backrest...

Thoughtful seat

The specially designed seat pad reliably removes moisture from the paddler and ensures ventilation - included in all Stellar kayaks!

Long waterline

Typical for Stellar: The long waterline favored by the hull construction! Almost the entire length is on the water.

What customers say about the Stellar S16

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Fritjof Schneider

"My wife and I have been white-water paddlers for over 20 years. Now we wanted light touring kayaks so we could do longer tours on the nearby Rhine or on holiday. We decided on the Stellar S16 and the Stellar S15LV. The fact that we can now...

Marin Chirazi, Alin Vorniceanu

We wanted two light and fast touring kayaks for our project "Danube from the source to the Black Sea" and decided on the S16. Since we both weigh under 70 kg and didn't want to carry too much luggage, this kayak seemed to be the best choice. Al...

Hartmut Jossé, Speyer

After many great, informative technical discussions with you and the test trip on the side arm of the Rhine, I took my new dream boat, the S 16 G 2 from Stellar in the colours of our Kanu-Club-Speyer e.V. in black and yellow with lots of useful...

These points make the S16 special

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Rear windows

The S16 G2 comes standard with Smart Track rudder.

Large cockpit hatch and comfortable seat

The cockpit hatch measuring 85 x 44 cm offers easy entry and exit.

baggage hatches

Oval luggage hatches at the front and rear and sufficient storage space make the S16 G2 the ideal tour, even for multi-day tours.


We configure most touring kayaks in the multisport layup, as this is more robust than the slightly cheaper Advantage layup. However, the S16 G2 can also be ordered in the Advantage layup.


The deck of the S16 G2 is tapered in front of the cockpit. This allows for tight paddle guidance.

Boat name

If you want, you can order your kayak from us with your own boat name. We then apply it according to customer requirements.

The Stellar S16 G2 in the video

Check out the performance of the lightweight touring kayak S16 G2 on the water: