Test center Halle/Saale

Rico has been paddling on the SUP for many years and now combines his SUP passion with his profession: in the Bulligarage, he customises the VW bus in various ways and, as a test partner for Lite Venture, now also exhibits SUP boards there, which can be tested on request.

Fits well together: Bulli & SUP board with cheerful Rico :-)

The Lite Venture SUP Boards

We make stand up paddle boards with high standards of technology and performance: the hardboards with a real wood deck also have a carbon layup, which makes them very stiff. The inflatable boards such as the ULTRA Light 12'2" and the ULTRA Fast 14'0" are also known for their rigidity and high-quality materials. They can also be tested in the hall by prior arrangement.

Further information on the models:

Lightweight touring kayaks from Stellar Lightweight:

The manufacturer Stellar has its roots in competitive sports and transfers its decades of expertise in lightweight construction to leisure kayaks. The result is outstandingly crafted touring kayaks that weigh just 12 to 18 kilos. This makes them ideal for a single person who wants to carry and move the kayak effortlessly on their own. The price-performance ratio is also very good.

The following models are available for testing at the centre in Halle, others on request:

Stellar S14> (a compact tourer, 16 kg)
Stellar S16> (a fast tourer, suitable for multi-day tours, 17 kg)

All models immediately available at our main location are listed here:

ALTRA fishing kayaks

The fishing kayaks with pedal drive can also be tested at Rico.

The following models are available for testing at the station in Halle, others on request:

ALTRA Solo 300

How does testing at the test station work?

There are no fixed opening or test times. It is best to call Rico on the telephone number below, describe what you are interested in and make an appointment. If you decide on a SUP or kayak, it will be sent directly from Lite Venture's central warehouse to your home.

🇬🇧 Test station Halle/Saale

Rico Kleilein / Bulligarage
Nietlebenerstr. 13, 06120 Halle
Appointments by arrangement