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The S16LV is a lightweight tourer - fast, but not too long

Touring kayak for lightweights

The S16LV (LV = Low Volume) was created especially for the requirements of small and light people: The design of the lower hull and the touring characteristics are based on the S16, one of Stellar's most popular touring kayaks. The length and volume have been adapted so that lighter paddlers can sit in good contact with the boat and paddle with less effort.

The S16 and S16LV are fast touring kayaks that are less than 500 cm long, compact and easy to paddle. The shape of the lower hull greatly supports tracking stability. With its dimensions, the S16LV is the ideal kayak for lightweight paddlers weighing between 50 and 89 kg. It has sufficient storage capacity for multi-day trips.

The S16LV is equipped with a stern, front and day hatch as well as a stern rudder. A keel strip is also available for customised orders, which gives the kayak additional robustness.

Suitable for

Paddler weight: 50-89 kg
Load capacity: 140 kg
Lightweight: yes
Leisure, touring, multi-day tours, ambitious


Advantage layup: 17.4 kg
Multisport layup: 16.4 kg
Construction: laminated
Layup variants: Advantage, Multisport


Advantage layup: from € 2,990.00
Multisport layup: from € 3,390.00
Laminated keel strip ex works: € 120


Length: 480 cm
Width: 55.6 cm
Seat hatch: 83.5 x 44 cm
Front day hatch: available

Features of this touring kayak at a glance

The lightweight tourer S16LV for carefree kayak adventures

Are you light yourself and looking for a fast but not too long touring kayak? With the S16LV, you'll have a lot of fun on quick after-work trips or multi-day tours with luggage. It offers you many exciting features. Tip: Take a look at Malin & Alin's adventure on our blog, where they chose the Stellar S16 to paddle down the Danube at record speed. click here for the blog post.

Gladly fast!

Quick and sporty gliding - this is particularly interesting if you want to cover a lot of distance! See the Danube adventure in the S16 here

Balanced kayak

The S16 can be paddled very quickly, but is also balanced and safe. It is also suitable for beginners who want to improve their skills.


At just 17 kilos in the carbon Kevlar layup (multisport), the S16 is also comfortable to carry. We recommend using the handles only when the kayak is empty.

Practical details ...

Direct access to the day hatch and nets, recess to support the paddle float behind the cockpit, adjustable backrest ...

Sophisticated seat

The specially designed seat pad reliably wicks moisture away from the paddler and ensures ventilation - included with all Stellar kayaks!

Long waterline

Typical for Stellar: the long waterline favoured by the underbody construction! Almost the entire length is on the water.

These points make the S16 LV special

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Steering line

High-strength steering line made from Spectra-Dyneema. No rusting and low expansion.

The cockpit

Adjustable, padded seat with water bottle holder. Smaller, oval cockpit for easy access, with padded thigh supports and heel pad.


Low volume deck for small paddlers. Cut-outs on the front deck for narrow catches and an efficient stroke.

Handles at bow and stern

Ergonomic carrying handles for easy transport to and from the water

Storage compartments

Large tailgate and centre front flap for 2 watertight storage compartments


Smart Trak rear rudder

Efficient steering and low-friction hydrofoil fin, with rudder bracket on the aft deck.

Stability and speed

Swedish hull with long, efficient hull lines. Great primary stability and excellent secondary stability with gentle hull shapes.

Tracking accuracy

Firm aft keel with slight concavity, good directional stability without using the rudder.