Fulfill your wish with financing:

With our financing partner Creditplus, we offer fast and uncomplicated processing. No proof of income is required for financing amounts of up to €4,000. An identity card and EC card are sufficient. It is also possible to split the purchase amount and finance a smaller amount and pay the rest by bank transfer or Paypal, for example.

You finance at 1.99% for a term of 6 months, 3.99% for 12 months, 4.99% for 24 months and 5.99% for 36 months. Example: With a financing amount of €3,000 over 24 months, the instalment is €131.72 per month. You can find further examples in the contact form.

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Here are some examples of how to calculate your monthly instalment:

It is always possible to split the purchase amount into a part that is financed and a part that you pay immediately. This allows you to organise the financing. Just talk to us about it.

Examples for the monthly instalment at 12 months and 3.99%

€1,000 corresponds to 12 x €85.25
€2,000 corresponds to 12 x €170.65
€3.000 correspond to 12 x 255.75 €
4,000 correspond to 12 x 341.00 €

Examples for the monthly instalment at 24 months and 4.99%

1,000 € correspond to 24 x 43.91 €
2.000 correspond to 24 x 87.81 €
3,000 correspond to 24 x 131.72 €
4,000 correspond to 24 x 175.82 €

Examples of the monthly instalment for 36 months and 5.99%

1,000 € correspond to 36 x 30.42 €
2,000 € correspond to 36 x 60.84 €
3,000 € correspond to 36 x 91.25 €
4,000 € correspond to 36 x 121.77 €

The acceptance criteria are:

  • Minimum age: 18 years / maximum age: 75 years at the end of financing
  • Valid identity card or passport
  • First place of residence must be registered in Germany
  • Non-EU citizens require a valid residence and work permit,
    Citizens from the new EU countries require a valid work permit.
    The loan term must be within the time limit.
  • Prerequisite for self-employed customers: self-employed for at least two years
  • The bank account must be set up in Germany for the borrower.

Provided creditworthiness. This is an offer from Creditplus Bank AG, Augustenstraße 7, 70178 Stuttgart. No deposit required.

Further financing options:

Our payment service providers Paypal and Klarna also offer the option of payment by instalments or "pay later" options.