Marathon Racer STELLAR S18R

Racer with surfski genes

Marathon Racer STELLAR S18R

Tourer with propulsion
Related to the S18S

The touring racer with surfski genes

Stellar S18 R Marathon Racer

What does the "R" stand for on the S18? Of course for race! From the Stellar series of touring kayaks, two extra fast tourers stand out in particular: the S18R and the Stellar tandem ST21. Here you can feel the racing genes of the Stellar kayaks with every paddle stroke!

The S18R uses the same hull as the Stellar Surfski S18S (pictured above). This makes the kayak very fast and stable. Typical for all kayaks and surfskis from Stellar: the high level of stability with a comparatively narrow width.

We choose the multisport layup for the fast tourers from Stellar as standard, i. H. with carbon / kevlar hull. In this variant, the S18R weighs only 16.8 kg and the tandem ST21 a sensational 25 kg.

Suitable for

Paddler weight: 60-100 kg
Load: 150 kg
Light weight: yes
Tours, multi-day tours, training, marathons, competitions, ambitious, professionals


Advantage layup: 17.5 kg
Multisport layup: 16.8 kg
Construction: laminated
Layup variants: Advantage, Multisport


Advantage layup: from €3,090.00
Multisport layup: from €3,390.00
Laminated keel strip ex works: €120


Length: 548 cm
Width: 51.2 cm
Seat hatch: 85 x 44 cm
Volume front hatch: 80 l
Volume rear hatch: 130 l

Bella Machina - the good reasons for the Stellar S18R

There are overwhelming arguments in favor of buying this racing machine...

We bet if you're looking for a very fast kayak, you won't find any reasons against the Stellar S18R! It starts with the price, because typically for Stellar the racer also comes with an unbeatably good price/performance ratio. Construction and workmanship are top! The Racer is light – and fast like the Surfski, from which it has the bottom. It can also be used as a tourer (how practical...). And last but not least, it's just beautiful.

Make some space in the garage - because unfortunately this rocket is just awesome!

Need for Speed!

This racer wants to compete! According to the feedback from our enthusiastic customers, it also leaves many established classics from the marathon scene behind...


With a width of 51 cm, it is more for the more ambitious, but the stability is unusually high for this size.


The 17.8 kilos are already noticeable when paddling on the water and of course also when handling on land.

bulkhead & cargo

The S18R is double bulkheaded and has the safety you would expect when navigating large bodies of water. A full-fledged tourer with the luggage hatches!

substructure of the surf ski

The relationship between the S18R and S18S is evident in the hull: both are based on the same construction and offer fascinating gliding behavior.

QR-Track Stemmbrett

Like the surf ski: the S18R comes standard with a stretcher for better footwork, better power transmission and a straight leg position.

These points make the S18R special

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Smart Track Heckruder

The S18R comes standard with the Smart Track rudder.

Large cockpit hatch and comfortable seat

The hatch of the S18R is relatively long at 85 x 44 cm. This allows you to paddle very comfortably with a central knee/leg position to match the QR-Track control.

baggage hatches

Due to the spacious luggage hatches at the front and rear, the S18R can also be used for multi-day tours.


The deck is tapered forward of the cockpit. This allows for tight paddle guidance.


We usually configure the S18R in a multisport layout. This is Stellar's sturdiest layup while still resulting in a lightweight kayak.

The Stellar S18R Racer at the Krumlov Marathon

The video by Petr Smítka shows the lightweight racer in hard use at the Krumlov marathon. Stellar designed the multisport layup in a carbon-kevlar mix to withstand hitting the ground on river descents and easy landings without damage.