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The divisible kayak S14

With this kayak there is finally a solution for a 1) light 2) easy to transport and 3) very easy to paddle kayak: It paddles like a fixed kayak - because it is one:

This one The concept is immediately enthusiastic, because many solutions for kayaks that are to be transported without a roof rack or stored in an apartment represent compromises: an inflatable boat has to be inflated first and after paddling it is often annoying to handle the heavy, wet skin . Not to mention the performance on the water. Collapsible boats require skill in assembly and also handling of a wet hull after use.

This kayak is the perfect solution for those who want convenient transport and storage but don't want to compromise on the water:

Suitable for

Paddler weight: 60-110 kg
Load: 155 kg
Lightweight: yes
Separable: yes
Beginners, recreational kayak, tours, multi-day tours


Weight: 18.5 kg
Double bulkheaded
Construction: laminated
Layups: Advantage, Multisport


Advantage layup: 3,685.00 €
Multisport layup: 3,985.00 €
Optional rudder: 120.00 €
Keel strip ex works: 120.00 €
Transport bags: 345, – €

Options tandem

Advantage layup: 4,685.00 €
Multisport layup: 4,985.00 €
Optional rudder: 120.00 €
Keel strip ex works: 120.00 €
Transport bags: 445, – €
Pre-order now.
Available April 2024.


Length: 438 cm
Width: 62 cm
Seat hatch: 85 x 44 cm
Tail: 167 cm / 6 kg
Middle: 151 cm / 8.5 kg
Bow: 120 cm / 4 kg

The advantages of the divisible kayak Stellar S14

This is how the kayak splitting/joining works

Here we present the most important features of the divisible S14. You can find out more about the basic properties of the popular S14 touring kayak here:
To the model description of the S14

Uncompromisingly stiff

The division is not noticeable on the water! The S14 paddles just like its "normal" counterpart.

Compact individual parts

The lightest part weighs only 4 kg and measures 120 cm, the longest 167 cm with 6 kg. This makes it easy to store.

connection technology

A connection technology is used here that has proven itself in 8-10 m long rowing boats and high loads.

Simple screw connection

The parts are screwed together without tools using stainless steel screws, fitting tightly and without play. A total of 5 to 6 minutes is required.

total weight

The split and reinforced bulkheads make the modular S14 slightly heavier: 18.5 kg instead of 16.5 kg in the undivided version.

transport bags

Padded pockets are available as an option. They are so sophisticated that the connected kayak can also be completely encased.

The portable Stellar S14 explained in the video

Anne from Lite Venture presents the ingenious concept and shows details on the dimensions and weight, structure and handling on the water.

Conclusion from the presentation:

The solution for paddlers who have been waiting for a light touring kayak that can be easily transported and stored!

These points make the S14 special

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Heckruder: Optional

The S14 G2 comes standard with a Kayak Sport SKEG. If you want, you can also order a Smart Track tail rudder.

Large cockpit hatch and comfortable seat

The S14 G2 has a large, oval cockpit hatch (85 x 44 cm). This allows easy entry and exit.

Generous hatches

The S14 G2 is equipped with two large, oval luggage hatches. These offer enough space to use the S14 for multi-day tours.


We equip the S14 G2 with Kayak Sport SKEG as standard. This is a better SKEG rig than what Stellar usually uses. The control unit for the SKEG is also located in the tail section.

day hatch

From model year 2023, we will no longer configure the day hatch with the screw cap but with kayak sport hatch covers. This offers more space in the day hatch, better handling and better watertightness.

Configure your own divisible dream kayak

From the colors to the layup, with individual options like keel stripes or rudders. Create your own kayak. If you have any questions, please contact us.

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