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Test Center Potsdam

Martin Teichmann and his team have a nice spot on the Havel with a showroom and the opportunity to test different boards. Training and tours are also possible. Large selection of Lite Venture hardboards on site.

Martin beim Review of the Lite Venture Cruzer 12‘6 x 27‘5

Martin is a professional and a Sunova rider. He also offers technique training if you want to improve your paddling skills and a touring program.

The Lite Venture SUP Boards

These boards are on site for testing:

Lite Venture Cruzer 14' x 27'5
Lite Venture Cruzer 12'6 x 27'5
Lite Venture Cruzer 11'6 x 30
Lite Venture Ray 10'6 x 31
Lite Venture Ray 12'6 x 31
Lite Venture ToughShell Touring 11'6 x 29

Lite Venture ULTRA Light 12'2 x 30
Lite Venture FUSE 12'6 x 30
Lite Venture ULTRA 11'6 x 30

All Carbonpaddles

How does testing at the test station work?

There are no fixed opening times. The best thing to do is call Martin on the telephone number below, describe what it is about and make an appointment. If you choose a SUP, it will be sent to your home directly from Lite Venture's central warehouse.

🇩🇪 Potsdam / SUP TRIP

Martin Teichmann
0157/323 873 46

t3>Kastanienallee 22c, 14471 Potsdam
Verfügbar: sup