The surfski that meets almost all requirements:

Stellar Surfski Falcon

With the brand new Stellar Falcon Surfski, an extraordinary combination of the SEA, SEI G2 and S18S has been achieved. High stability, an optimal waterline and improved rocker make this surf ski very fast in flat water and very agile and easy to handle in waves. The third generation seat pan with a very rounded back area has been improved for unrestricted rotation. The position of the rudder was chosen in such a way that it ensures high agility in combination with a rounder hull in the stern area.

In the front area of ​​the seat hatch, the sides were designed higher so that less water gets into the seat hatch. In the rear area, the sides are lower to make it easier to get back on.

With the Falcon, Stellar has succeeded in designing an extremely versatile surf ski that performs excellently in many conditions.

Suitable for

Paddler weight: 60-105 kg
Load: 110 kg
Light weight: yes
Downwind, training, marathon, competition, ambitious


Advantage layup: 15.5 kg
Multisport layup: 15.5 kg
Excel layup: 11.9 kg
Alpha layup: 11.2 kg
Construction: laminated


Advantage Layup: 3.090,00 €
Multisport Layup: 3.390,00 €
Excel Layup: 3.490,00 €
Alpha Layup: 4.990,00 €
Gelcoat Wet sanded (Matt): 100 €
Apex Design: 250 €
Control fin: 70 €
Rudder: 120 €


Length: 595 cm
Width: 47.5 cm

These points make the Falcon special

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Optionale steering possible

The Falcon comes with an understern rudder. An addition of Smart Track Ski Heckruder is possible.

Seat recess

The seat pan on the Falcon has been further optimized to enable perfect rotation.


There are bungees behind the seat.

Debrit race byle

The Falcon is equipped with DeBrito Race Bailer.

Understern Rudder

The Falcon has an 8" understern rudder. Alternatively, 4" and 10" rudders are also available.

Increase in the front area

In the front area of ​​the seat pan, the sides are raised so that less water can penetrate into the seat area. In the rear, the sides are kept lower for easier re-entry.

Optimized bow shape

An optimized bow shape makes the Falcon fast in flat water and agile and easy to handle in waves.