STELLAR S18S Expedition

Beginner surf skis

STELLAR S18S Expedition

Light and sporty

STELLAR S18S Expedition

training and fitness
Start Kayak Stellar Surfski / SoT S18S Expedition

The ideal introduction to surfski paddling

Stellar Surf Ski S18S

The S18S has been optimized for efficient paddling: the hull construction and the narrow bow bring speed with the high stability you are used to from Stellar. This makes this surf ski suitable for advanced paddlers who either want a sporty training device or are just starting out with surf skiing. The S18S can also be used as an "open" kayak for competitions and marathons.

This surfski takes into account the USCA regulations for fast sea kayaks!

In the multisport layup (lower hull carbon-kevlar) weighs this model only weighs 16 kilos and is less sensitive to ground contact.

Features include carbon handles at both ends and a large oval cargo hatch at the rear. The comfort, rear accessories, side handles, bottle cage, leash attachment and deck bungees are still standard on the Stellar S18S.

Suitable for

Paddler weight: 60-105 kg
Load: 130 kg
Light weight: yes
Tours, downwind, training, ambitious


Advantage layup: 16.5 kg
Multisport layup: 16.5 kg
Construction: laminated
Layup variants: Advantage, multisport


Advantage Layup: from 3,090.00 €
Multisport Layup: from 3,590.00 €
Control fin: 70 €
Tail rudder: 120 €
Gelcoat Wet sanded (Matt): 100 €
Apex Design: 250 €
Divisibility surcharge 995 €
Pockets for elements: 445 €


Length: 550 cm
Width: 51.2 cm
Rear hatch volume: 90 l
Front day hatch volume: 39 l

Features of this surf ski at a glance:

The S18S Exp Surfski has these advantages

The Stellar S18S describes the transition from more advanced paddling to surfskiing. It is the ideal surf ski for beginners in this sport and offers interesting features:

High stability

With a width of 51.2 cm and a length of 550 cm, this surf ski allows you to experience the flow with the wave and offers a lot of safety.

Suitable for touring

The "Expedition" version is characterized by the luggage hatch and nets, which also allow you to take equipment with you.


Well integrated seating position. Easily controllable in every situation. For a surf ski, the S18S is easy to maneuver at 550 cm.

Training and marathon

The S18 Surfski is also popular for participating in kayak marathons because it is faster and lighter than many kayaks.

Clear cockpit

Everything in direct access: drinking bottle holder, bailer, rudder, adjusting the footrests, luggage net directly behind the seat.


This surfski has a lot of propulsion and wants to move forward quickly, but always offers a plus in safety.

These points make the S18S EXP special

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Optional rudder

The S18S has an 8" understern rudder. A rear rudder can be added.

Anderson stainless steel bailer

We usually configure the S18S with the robust Anderson bailer made of stainless steel. Alternatively, a Venturi Bailer or a DeBrito Race Bailer is also possible with individually configured surf skis.

luggage hatch

In the EXP (Expedition) version of the S18S, there is a large luggage hatch.

Understern Rudder

The S18S is equipped with understern rudder and can be supplemented with a stern rudder.

day hatch

The EXP variant of the S18S has a day hatch on the front side of the seat recess.

Carbon handles

Carbon handles on the front and back.

Surfing with the S18S EXP

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