Repairs to SUP boards and kayaks

We are the manufacturers of the Lite Venture® SUP boards ourselves. We maintain a good relationship with the manufacturers of the kayaks that we represent and are in close contact. Therefore we can offer repairs for almost all items.

Repairs SUP

If something happens to your epoxy hardboard, we'll help you get it back whole. We can repair almost any damage. In the event of damage that happens to you on the water, it is important to get the board out of the water quickly. For an initial assessment it is important: Take a photo of the affected areas and send them to us. This allows us to assess the feasibility and scope of the repair. Of course, work on inflatables is also possible.

Address submission

Lite Venture
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Town: 79427 Eschbach
Phone: +49 (0)7634 / 3409871

Repairs kayak

The advantage of laminated kayaks, which we mainly sell: you can repair almost anything! We received extensive training at Skim Kaykas in Finland and learned directly at the factory how the kayaks can be set up and what materials they can be repaired with. If you find a problem with your boat, send us photos and get in touch for an initial assessment.