Altra PD365

The nimble
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The agile Altra PD 365 is a fishing kayak with more agile behavior

Fishing Kayak Altra PD 365

With a length of 365 cm, the PD365 is a fishing kayak that offers maneuverable steering behavior due to its narrower keel. Thanks to the pedal drive, you benefit from hands-free locomotion that allows you to react at any time. The translation transfers the power from the drive directly to the propeller to bridge distances and many clever attachment options for your personal working environment. Last but not least, like all Altra kayaks, it is a strong and durable boat made of high-quality HDPE plastic.


robust HDPE
weight: 45 kg incl. drive
load: 300 kg


Length: 365 cm
Width: 88 cm
Height: 33 cm


pedal drive with propeller
tail rudder with one-hand control
integrated transport wheels
slidable seat
carrying handles


Adjustable fishing mount
Fishing rod holders
Aluminium rails for mounting accessories
Luggage nets and storage compartments

These features stand out on the Altra PD365

Tight turning circle

Narrow-cut bow allows for tighter circles. The kayak can be "laid into the curve" by tilting the body.

Non-slip pedals

The noble, non-slip pedals with stainless steel pins are included. So you keep a firm grip on the pedal in every situation.

Fast pedaling

The gear ratio also allows longer distances to be covered quickly without much effort. By the way, the drive can also navigate backwards!

Organized Workplace

With thoughtful mounting options for tools like rod and landing net, everything can be controlled and reached from the seat.


The control lever is easy to reach from the seat. He directs the tail rudder finely dosed in the desired direction while pedaling.

Easily removable

If you land in shallower shore zones, the drive is brought into the neutral position in a few simple steps to protect the propeller.

Mounting pedal drive

The entire drive can be installed or removed in a few simple steps.

Storage compartment with cover

The practical storage compartment enables the protected and orderly transport of smaller pieces of equipment.

baggage area

In the rear, bags or cool boxes can be taken and securely fastened. Luggage storage can be set up on the ring eyelets.

These points make the PD365 special

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Smart Track Tail Rudder

The S18R comes standard with the Smart Track rudder.

Large cockpit hatch and comfortable seat

The hatch of the S18R is relatively long at 85 x 44 cm. This allows you to paddle very comfortably with a central knee/leg position to match the QR-Track control.

baggage hatches

Due to the spacious luggage hatches at the front and rear, the S18R can also be used for multi-day tours.

The pedal drive: Effortless and quick

This drive makes the Altra Pedal Kayaks so comfortable: the transmission causes the propeller to rotate at a high speed with moderate pedaling without much effort. Speeds of up to 10 km / hour are possible in order to get from the entrance to the desired location.