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Environmentally friendly manufacture of kayaks

As a "normal consumer", you don't necessarily think about the manufacture of kayaks. In fact, during the manufacturing process of laminated kayaks, there are some materials that should be handled responsibly.

Manufacturer of Stellar kayaks and WinTech Racing is Hangzhou Flying Eagle Boat Co, LTD (WinTech manufactures rowing boats for competitive sports). The production facility for both products has invested heavily in modern technologies to reduce its ecological footprint: an air filtration system, a solar system that covers almost all of its energy needs, and a closed water recycling system that collects chemicals and solids.

Stellar / With these investments, Wintech has set a new industry standard for ecological energy savings and waste recycling for the sector.

solar power

The Stellar production facility has covered the roofs of the entire kayak production halls with 19,000 square meters of solar panels. The plant can generate 2,100 kilowatts of electricity. The solar energy offsets most of the factory's electricity consumption with a renewable energy source with a net zero carbon footprint.

Emission of pollutants in the air

A dual air purification system filters volatile organic compounds. The filter system removes 100% of the exhaust air from the production paint booths and filters 25,800 m3 per hour. Activated carbon filters pull the impurities out of the air. When these filters are full, they are responsibly disposed of in a sealed landfill to keep the chemicals from leaching into groundwater and the environment.

Water purification and filtration

The water filtration system prevents contaminated sewage from entering local waterways or groundwater. The closed loop filtration system recycles water for further use in production.

The system uses a series of sedimentation, fining and precipitation tanks. Each tank is designed to capture a specific aspect of wastewater pollution. The filtered water is stored in the tanks and is ready for reuse in the production hall.

The waste is precipitated from the water into a concentrate. The filter press catches the solids. The solids are dried and disposed of in an appropriate landfill.

Stellar Produktionsbasis

Central exhaust gas collection and purification

Container for reused water

Filter press to separate solids from the water

Dried solids ready for safe disposal

Sedimentation pond

precipitation container

Central exhaust gas collection and purification

Exhaust filter system

Exhaust filter system

Solar system

Solar system