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The ideal solution for transport, storage and paddling experience

Divisible kayaks: paddling without compromise

Solid kayaks, i.e. kayaks that are not designed to be inflated or folded, simply feel best when paddling: their rigidity and shape allow for significantly better power transmission, precise control and their shape is optimized for effortless gliding. This is not possible with a dinghy or with a more modern dropstitch kayak.

Due to the division, the length is reduced to sections with a length of 120 to 170 cm. We offer different concepts that work very well and suit different budgets and needs:

The compact touring kayak made of PE

ALTRA is the specialist for robust PE kayaks. With a length of 3.50 m, the ALTRA mode is a very compact and easy-to-maneuver kayak.

The light touring kayak

The divisible touring and leisure kayak from the specialists in lightweight construction: The "heaviest" part weighs only 9.8 kilos and is incredibly easy to handle:

This is how the Stellar S14 works

Anne from Lite Venture introduces the S14 in the video and shows how the kayak behaves on the water. Conclusion from the video: The solution for paddlers who have been waiting for a light touring kayak that can be easily transported and stored!

This is what makes the divisible S14 special:

Uncompromisingly stiff

The division is not noticeable on the water! The S14 paddles just like its "normal" counterpart.

Compact individual parts

The lightest part weighs only 4 kg and measures 120 cm, the longest 167 cm with 7 kg. This makes it good for storage.

connection technology

A connection technology is used here that has proven itself in 8-10 m long rowing boats and high loads.

The divisible sea kayak

The Skim sea kayaks from Finland are outstanding in terms of design, function and workmanship. In the divisible version, they are also suitable for taking with you on sea kayaking expeditions and of course for compact storage outside the boathouse.

The divisible Beaufort in the video

Anne from Lite Venture presents the divisible Skim Beaufort in a video: size and weight of the parts as well as the connection technology.

The advantages of a divisible kayak:

Which of the solutions you choose, you
benefit from these advantages with each of our divisible kayaks:

✔️ easy transport without roof rack
✔️ easy storage too Home
✔️ Faster, uncomplicated assembly compared to pumps or folds
✔️ Effortless paddling thanks to the stiff construction
✔️ Increased security in the event of capsizing thanks to bulkheads
✔️ Durable and therefore more sustainable than inflatable kayaks

If you are not sure what suits you best, send us a
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Advice on the divisible kayak:

We are always happy to advise you personally, either by email: info@liteventure.de or by telephone: 07634 / 340 9871