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Customised configuration

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Two in one: the ST19 Mod kayak can be used solo or as a tandem! The leisure kayak is ✔︎ light, ✔︎ flexible to transport, ✔︎ can be stored in any home and ✔︎ is easy to set up. Ingenious - and the first lightweight tandem that is also divisible!

How to order your customised kayak: Select your options and let us know your desired combination by email or phone. We will create a colour simulation and an order. If everything fits, we will invoice the kayak at 50% and put your order into production. Delivery times vary between 10 and 16 weeks depending on the time.

These colours are possible: More about individual configuration

We are happy to advise you personally: +49 7634 3409871 or

+ The Smart Track tail rudder worth €120 is included.
+ The customised configuration worth €240 is included in the price.

Layup: Advantage Layup
Keel strip: without keel strip
Bag set: without bag set

The choice of layup: Advantage or Multisport?

Stellar offers two layups for leisure tourers. The slightly cheaper Advantage layup is based on a multi-layer fibreglass construction. This makes the kayak very light. It is also robust. The Advantage is the best choice for a lower price at a moderate weight.
The Multisport Layup has a complete bow made of a carbon-kevlar fabric. The finish on the separable models is not transparent as usual, but is available in opaque white, grey or black due to the joints. The deck has the layup of the Advantage series. The Carbon Kevlar construction is very durable. In terms of weight, the result is a very light yet robust kayak for this weight class. Kayaks in the multisport layup are generally just as light as the Advantage kayaks. We recommend this layup for all touring and sea kayaks due to its greater robustness.

Colour configuration

It is also possible to create your own configuration from the colours offered by Stellar. Rather unusual colours such as pink with a yellow cover strip or green with a red cover strip can also be ordered in this way. We are also happy to provide a colour visualisation of the desired model. For the divisible models in the multisport layout, the colours of the bottom are limited to white, grey and black.
You can find an overview of the colours offered by Stellar here.

Skeg and stern rudder

The Stellar S14 G2 Mod and ST19 Mod both come with a skeg. The skeg controls are located at the rear, so there is no need to consider the connection between the controls and the skeg. Like the S14 G2, the S14 G2 Mod can only be paddled with a skeg due to its compact length of 436 cm. The ST19 Mod Tandem also includes the Smart Track stern rudder. The rudder is operated from the rear cockpit.

Can the S14 Mod be upgraded to a tandem with an additional module?

Unfortunately, this is not possible, as the kayaks are first produced as a whole and then split. No individual module parts are produced. In addition, the S14 Mod is almost identical to the solo of the ST19 Mod, but the interfaces vary slightly so that the individual parts of the two models cannot be combined with each other. To maximise flexibility, the ST19 Mod should be selected straight away.

Keel strip

The keel strip made of Kevlar is a robust protection that protects the kayak at the bow where it is most likely to come into contact with the ground. A keel strip is recommended if it is frequently used for landing at sea or from a body of water with a current. This is laminated on at the factory and can also be given an individual colour.


The bags are customised to the size of the modules. They are made of robust Cordura and are lightly padded so that the parts do not rub against each other when stowed in the car or transported by hand.


The individual modules are connected using 6 stainless steel screws per interface. The threads are located in the bulkheads. Rubber seals prevent the ingress of water. The screws have plastic heads that are suitable for screwing in by hand. This is intuitive and makes tools superfluous.

Test this kayak in your neighbourhood:

Simply contact the location of your choice and make an appointment.
Test the kayak you want when it is on site.

The kayak will either be dispatched to you and your desired address or you can collect it from the test station. Please let us know at which station you tested it when you place your order.