Skim Artisan 5G

The touring kayak for the sea
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The classic

Skim Artisan 5G

The SKIM Allround series is a series of kayaks for paddlers of all ages and levels. They are easy to paddle and are suitable for day trips, multi-day trips and everything in between. All Allround series kayaks are based on original Finnish designs that have been on the market for many years and through customer feedback have evolved into the great kayaks they are today.

The Artisan 5G has become a Finnish legend with a long and successful history in Finnish kayak construction. The Artisan 5G is a true Scandinavian design with a fast and light hull and deck construction. The hull has a gently sloping V that allows for easy paddling and predictable behavior in rough seas. The Artisan 5G is easy to load, which is a big advantage compared to most other kayaks. The Artisan 5G is a great kayak for expeditions of a week or more.

Suitable for

Paddler weight: 70-105 kg
Separable: yes
Tours, multi-day tours, sea kayak, expedition


Traditional Layup (TR): 25.0 kg
Extra-Rigid Layup (XR): 24.5 kg
Carbon Light Layup (CL): 22.5 kg
Construction: laminated


Traditional Layup (TR): from € 3,295.00
Extra-Rigid Layup (XR): from € 3,690.00
Carbon Light Layup (CL): from € 4.790.00 €
Laminated keel strip ex works: 175 €
Three-piece kayak: 1695 €
Individual colour: 295 €
Attachment locking bar: 40 €
Attachment towline clamp: 40 €


Seat hatch: 75 x 40 cm
Length: 555 cm
Width: 55 cm
Volume: 379 l
Volume front hatch: 104 l
Volume rear hatch: 75 l
Volume front day hatch: 5.2 l
Volume rear day hatch: 44 l

The advantages of the Artisan 5G

Features at a glance

tipping stability

In a long kayak, edging is essential. The Artisan 5G is good-natured and precise.

These points make the Artisan 5G special

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security toggles

Free-moving toggles on the front and back: carrying handles that don't twist your hand

Two day storage compartments

The Artisan has 2 generous daily storage compartments.

Large cockpit hatch and comfortable seat

The cockpit of the Artisan 5G measures 75 cm x 40 cm and offers enough space to sit comfortably.

Handle hatch

An additional opening to reach objects even at the last end of the hull.

Rescue Clamps

The rescue clamps behind the cockpit can be used to fix the paddle there. Supplemented by a paddle float, it makes re-entry easier.


Built into every Skim sea kayak as standard. A rudder can also be attached individually.

Eike Köhler on the Artisan 5G in the video

Eike picked up his new Skim Artisan 5G from Alex at our test station in Hamburg and shows his first impressions of the kayak. An introduction to the kayak will probably follow when he has been able to paddle it a few nautical miles...