Stellar S12

The compact with the convenient hatch

Recreational kayak with high stability

The compact Stellar S12

The Stellar S12 Touring Kayak is a very light, compact and agile touring kayak. Thanks to the shape of the hull, it has very good directional stability despite its shortness. With a weight of only 15.5 kg and a length of 3.67 meters, it is light and handy even for transport and storage.

Due to the pronounced keel, neither SKEG nor stern rudders are necessary to do this to steer the kayak safely and precisely. Control is via the paddle. With a width of 65 cm, the kayak is very stable. The seat hatch is very large at 90 x 47 cm! This enables easy entry and exit, even for heavier or less mobile people. You also have the option of accommodating smaller items/a small dog in the cockpit hatch.

Generous luggage hatches also allow it to be used for multi-day tours. The kayak is also very popular with nature lovers such as bird watchers, photographers etc. who are looking for a compact, functional yet sporty boat.

The Stellar S12 is available in the Advantage layup.

Suitable for

Paddler weight: 60-110 kg
Load: 135 kg
Lightweight: yes
Leisure, day trip


Advantage layup: 15.5 kg
Construction: laminated
Layup variants: only Advantage


Advantage layup: €2,290.00
Laminated keel strip ex works: €120


Length: 367 cm
Width: 65 cm
Seat hatch: 90 x 47 cm
Volume front hatch: 37 l
Volume rear hatch: 100l

The advantages of the Stellar S12

This is what makes the S12 kayak so comfortable

The right choice is the S12 if you are looking for a particularly comfortable cockpit and a compact kayak under 4 m long that should be as easy to carry as possible:

Large entry hatch

Anyone who is not as agile or is built a little wider will find a cockpit here that is much friendlier than the usual dimensions.

Comfortable seat

The usual Stellar seat is very comfortable and can be precisely adjusted using the adjustable backrest.

Spur stabilizer Kiel

Despite its compact length, it stays on track well thanks to the hull construction and shaped keel.

These points make the S12 kayak special

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Large cockpit hatch and comfortable seat

The cockpit hatch of the S12 is very large. With 90 x 47 cm it allows a very comfortable entry and exit.

baggage hatches

The S12 has two large luggage compartments, each of which is partitioned. It can also be used for multi-day tours.

Pronounced keel

The S12 does not have a SKEG or rudder as standard. Still, it has good straight-line stability. This is due to the shape of the hull, which has a pronounced keel.


The deck in front of the cockpit also tapers slightly on the S12. This means that the paddle can still be guided relatively narrowly despite the greater width of the kayak.


Due to the pronounced keel, the overall shape of the hull and the straight bow, the length of the Stellar S12 almost corresponds to the waterline. This makes the S12 relatively stable and fast.

Presentation of the S12 in the video

Ben Lawry from Stellar presents the compact S12 touring kayak with all its special features in the video: