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Test station Western Switzerland

Christian is an enthusiastic paddler of the Stellar S14 Mod / Stellar Tandem ST19 Mod and offers these kayaks to interested customers for viewing and testing.
He is happy to provide advice in German, French and English by appointment.

Lightweight touring kayaks and surf skis from Stellar:

The divisible models S14 G2 Mod, as well as the Tandem ST19 Mod (from April) can be tested at Christian. All immediately available models are listed here:

How does testing at the test station work?

Contact Christian and make an appointment. The best way to do this is to call the number below. If you decide to buy a kayak, you can collect it directly from Lite Venture's central warehouse near Basel. We will hand over the import documents for import into Switzerland, so the VAT difference of approx. 11% will be refunded.

Test station Western Switzerland

Phone: +4179 346 34 73
Ambassador West-Schweiz, Christian Riesen near Fribourg

Only appointments for Stellar S14 Mod / ST19 Mod, by arrangement