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Fast through wild water

Stellar Rapid S

The Rapid S is a completely new, exciting boat concept from Stellar. It was developed at the suggestion of New Zealanders who wanted a kayak to use on easy whitewater downing (WWI-II). The bow shape derives from Stellar Surfski SES. The Rapid S is built by default and exclusively in the multisport layup. i.e. the bow is a multi-layer carbon/carbon-kevlar laminate. This makes the bow stiff yet resilient.

The deck has increased volume towards the cockpit to keep out water when cutting through waves and rapids. The Rapid S is equipped with a stern rudder, which makes it usable in shallow waters.

Due to the long waterline and the extremely fast bow shape, the Rapid S is also a fantastically fast boat for advanced paddlers on lakes and calm rivers .

Suitable for

Paddler weight: 60-90 kg
Lightweight: yes
Training, marathon, competition, professionals


Multisport layup: 15.6 kg
Construction: laminated
Layup variants: multisport


Multisport Layup: from €3,290.00


Length: 620 cm
Width: 41.4 cm