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Divisible and modular kayaks from lightweight construction specialist Stellar

Finally there are kayaks that are divisible and super light! An ingenious combination makes this possible: Stellar only produces lightweight kayaks. The same factory also produces team rowing boats, which have to be divisible due to their length. Both have been tried and tested for decades and are now combined with each other. The result is ✔️ sensationally light, ✔️ easy to assemble and ✔️ tried and tested in professional sport for a long time.

So you can choose from different divisible and lightweight kayaks and find the one whose outstanding handling characteristics suit you best. Unique!

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Stellar S14 Mod leisure kayak

The most universal solo kayak from Stellar. It offers a spacious seat hatch for easy entry and exit. It weighs only 18.5 kg with a length of 436 cm and a width of 62 cm. This makes it very light and offers good stability. The design of the lower hull allows for fast gliding. It can be used on lakes, rivers and in moderate conditions on the coast.

It can be dismantled into three compact parts and can be easily transported in a motorhome, in almost any car and can also be easily stored at home.

Uncompromisingly rigid

The split is not noticeable on the water! The S14 paddles just like its "normal" counterpart.

Seamless connection

The parts are connected firmly, seamlessly and without play - virtually invisible.

Compact individual parts

The lightest part weighs only 4 kg and measures 120 cm, the longest 167 cm and 7 kg. This makes it easy to store.

Stellar ST19 Mod Tandem/Solo

Two kayaks in one: The tandem can also be used as a solo kayak by removing the rear cockpit module! It is based on the dimensions and features of the S14 Mod described above: the connection technology, the size of the seat hatches and the structure are the same.

The tandem measures 585 cm and is 65 cm wide. Both beginners and more advanced paddlers will immediately feel at home in this kayak. Like the S14 Mod, it is also suitable for lakes, rivers and coastal waters in moderate conditions. Find out more about the ST19 mod

Long touring kayaks divisible for easy transport

With the S18 model range, Stellar offers a selection of kayaks and sit-on-tops that are around 550 cm long. They offer features ranging from marathon racing and competition to water hiking over several weeks.

Now these kayaks can also be ordered as divisible kayaks! If you don't have a berth in your boathouse or the garage isn't big enough for such a long kayak, you can now simply store it in your home and transport it comfortably in your car.

All models can be configured according to your own wishes and ordered as separable units! We will be happy to advise you on your choice:

Stellar S18 Exp divisible

The expedition kayak with a 175 kg load capacity - with a length of 550 cm and a width of 55 cm, it is also suitable for heavier people. Fantastically easy to manoeuvre!

Stellar S18 R divisible

Marathon racer for advanced riders: with a length of 548 cm, a width of 51 cm and the bottom of the Surfski S18S, this is the kayak for training and competition!

Stellar Egret Sit on Top

One of the sportiest sit-on-top kayaks! Ideal for touring, training and, thanks to two luggage hatches, also for multi-day tours.

Advice on the divisible kayak:

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