Suitable for fishing or for leisure tours

Altra sit-on-top kayaks

The Altra sit-on-top kayaks offer space for two people in a tandem or for one person solo. They enable relaxed and stable paddling in a comfortable sitting position. Thanks to the generous storage compartments and luggage spaces, there is plenty of room for taking luggage and equipment with you. They are operated with a double paddle.

The advantages of the Altra Sit-on-Top

Features at a glance

Control via footpegs

The kayak is steered using the stern rudder and adjustable footrests.


Add-on parts such as aluminum rails and brackets offer the possibility of individually setting up the work environment

storage compartments

The practical storage compartment enables the protected and orderly transport of smaller pieces of equipment.

The features of the Altra sit on top kayaks

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Day storage compartment + drinks holder

Forward to each seat is a lockable hatch with direct access for smaller items, as well as a drink holder.

Comfortable seat

The seats made of lightweight aluminum are comfortable even when sitting for longer periods and are easy to remove.

straight running

The kayaks have a good directional stability thanks to the specially shaped hull.

fishing mount

The sit on top kayaks have a robust, pivoting rod holder in front of each seat. It can simply be removed for touring.

luggage storage

There is plenty of space for luggage and equipment at the bow and stern.