STELLAR ST19 Mod tandem/solo kayak

Lightweight, divisible, modular!
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Stellar ST19 Mod tandem/solo kayak

Two kayaks in one: the tandem can also be used as a solo kayak by removing the rear cockpit module! It is based on the dimensions and features of the S14 Mod solo kayak: the connection technology, the size of the seat hatches and the structure are the same.

The tandem measures 585 cm and is 65 cm wide. Both beginners and more advanced paddlers will immediately feel at home in this kayak. Like the S14 Mod, it is also suitable for lakes, rivers and coastal waters in moderate conditions.

Would you prefer a divisible kayak for yourself? Then find out more about the S14 Mod here.

Suitable for

Divisible lightweight kayak for
beginners, leisure, touring & multi-day tours
Paddler weight: 60-110 kg
Load capacity: 155 kg

Construction method

Lightweight construction, laminated, separable
tool-free assembly
secure due to bulkheads
ST19 Tandem Mod can also be used as a solo (modular)


Advantage layup: from €4,985
Multisport layup: from €5,485
ST19, undivided, multisport:
from €4,290


Skeg always integrated
Seat/coaming colour option: €150
Rudder optional: €120
Keel stripes optional: €160
Bags optional: €445

Dimensions ST19, undivided

Tandem 585 cm
Width: 65 cm
Seat hatches: 84 x 44 cm
Weight: 25 kg

Dimensions ST19 Mod

Tandem 585 cm / Solo 436 cm
Width: 65 cm
Seat hatches: 84 x 44 cm
Weight: 27 kg / Solo 18.5 kg

Individual parts

Rear: 166 cm / 6 kg
Middle: 150 cm / 8.5 kg
Middle: 150 cm / 8.5 kg
Bow: 119 cm / 4 kg

The advantages of the Stellar ST19 Mod divisible kayak

This tandem is groundbreaking! It can be used modularly as a tandem and solo and comes with all the outstanding lightweight construction features of a Stellar kayak. The parts are not only handy and short, but also super light:

Use it as a tandem ...

With its 586 cm length and 65 cm width, the ST19 Mod is a tandem kayak in which both beginners and advanced riders feel very comfortable.

... and as a solo kayak

By omitting the rear cockpit module, the tandem becomes a solo! This kayak corresponds to the popular leisure kayak S14 / S14 Mod. Find out more about the S14 here.

Simple connection

Tool-free screwing with stainless steel screws, clean fitting and without play. Time per bulkhead approx. 3 min. Access to the internal screws via hatches.

Connection technology

This uses a connection technology that has proven itself with 8-10 metre long rowing boats and high loads.

Total weight

The tandem weighs just 27 kg, the solo only 18.5 kg - making it significantly lighter to handle than modular kayaks made of PE material.

Uncompromisingly rigid

The split is not noticeable on the water! Both the tandem and the solo paddle without any play. You can't feel the connections.

Compact individual parts

The lightest part weighs only 4 kg and measures 120 cm, the longest 167 cm with 6 kg. This makes it easy to store.

Transport bags

Padded bags are available as an option. They are so ingenious that even the connected kayak can be completely enclosed.

Colour variants

Like all Stellar kayaks, the divisible kayak can be ordered in various colour combinations. Find out more about the options

Transport ... in a motorhome ...

Ideal for compact transport in the (full-length) rear garage of a motorhome - never have to put your kayak on the roof again!

... on the car roof ...

The tandem can also be fully or partially assembled on the car roof and only dismantled for storage at home, for example.

... in the car

The tandem can be taken along in almost any car that has a folding rear seat.

The ST19 mod presented in the video

Here we present the Tandem and its function in detail in the video. The text can be displayed and translated via subtitles on YouTube:

This makes the ST19 Mod tandem kayak particularly flexible:

From tandem to solo

Ingenious: by removing the rear cockpit module, the tandem becomes a solo kayak. In this form, it corresponds to the popular S14 and S14 Mod leisure kayak.

Tail rudder

The ST19 Tandem always comes with Smart Track rear rudder. The connection is easy to make and can be installed in the rear or front cockpit.

Convenient access

The ST19 has two large, oval cockpit hatches, both the same size (85 x 44 cm). This makes it easy to get in and out of the boat.

Front luggage hatch

The front section is fitted over the front luggage hatch. Thanks to its oval opening, this also offers the option of storing larger items.

Assembly hatch

This hatch allows easy access to the inside to fix or loosen the screw connections.


A skeg is located in the stern, which supports the straight-line stability of the shorter Solo. The control unit for the skeg is also located in the tail section so that no connection needs to be made.

Modular design

Omitting the rear cockpit module turns the tandem into a solo kayak. The rear module can therefore be fitted to both cockpit modules.


Both seats offer plenty of room for long legs (approx. 120 cm leg length) and long feet (size 48).

Configure your dream kayak

From the colours to the layup, with individual options such as keel strips or rudder. Create your own kayak. If you have any questions, please contact us.

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