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Find your suitable Stellar Lightweight Kayak

Stellar has its roots in competitive sports. Hence the competence in lightweight construction. And not only professional athletes benefit from this, but also recreational athletes thanks to the wide range of models. They are all light - the kayaks weigh between 12.5 kg (Dragonfly) and a maximum of 25 kg (ST21 tandem). Basically, the shorter and wider the kayak, the more stable and easier it is to manoeuvre. The longer and narrower, the faster.

Below the models are links for further description. If you are not sure what suits you, give us a call or arrange a test in your area: +49 7643/3409871

Stellar Touring Kayaks

All touring kayaks offer storage space for luggage and also allow you to go on a longer tour. They are all double-walled and thus offer a safety basis even on larger waters (exception: Dragonfly).


The canoe that paddles like a kayak with double paddles! With incredible 12.5 kg a dream of Packboat! Perfect for 1 person with luggage dog.


A compact and agile kayak with good directional stability. Generous entry with comfort and legroom, therefore also ideal for heavier people.

S14 G2

With a length of only 4.36 meters and a weight of approx. 16 kg, the Stellar S14 is easy to transport and can be used on almost any body of water.


The S15LV is a compact, light and fast touring kayak for light to medium-heavy paddlers
from 55 - 70 kg.

S16 G2

The S16 G2 is the ideal touring kayak for medium-sized paddlers with
a paddler weight
of 70 - 100 kg.

S18 Expedition

The S18 Expedition is for medium to large sized paddlers looking for a fast boat with large volume for payload.

S18R G2

Here you can feel the racing genes of the Stellar kayaks with every paddle stroke. The S18R is equipped with QR Touring Footbrace.


The SI18 offers the speed you are used to from Stellar. In big waves there is stability and safety when paddling.


The SILV is a safe and agile sea kayak for light to medium-weight paddlers weighing 55 - 80 kg.

ST17 Finally

Stable position in the water due to the width of 71 cm. Very compact for a pair of two with a length of only 5.30 meters and therefore easy to transport.

ST21 Tandem Race

Here you can feel the racing genes with every paddle stroke. The ST21 tandem is equipped with QR Touring Footbrace.

Rapid S

The Rapid S was developed at the suggestion of New Zealanders who wanted a fast downhill kayak for whitewater rivers.

Stellar sit on tops and surf skis

Surfskis enable surfing on the sea in downwind conditions. The length and construction of the boats allow high speeds. The two short models S14S and S16S are considered sit-on-top kayaks because they are still too short for "surfing".

S14S Sit-on-Top

At 4.36 m long, this model is a sit-on-top. The S14S is an unusually sporty, fast SOT and super light at around 16 kg!

S16S Sit-on-Top

The S16S is also considered a sit-on-top and allows for slightly faster paddling than the shorter S14S, but still offers very good stability.

S18S Expedition

The entry into surfskiing for advanced surfers or those who want to become one! With luggage hatch also suitable for touring.

S18S X

11.7kg in Excel layup! Without the rear luggage hatch like on the S18S, the "X" becomes a pure racer. Trimmed for lightweight and athletic training!


The SR marks the transition to sporty surf skis: Fast, but still easy to stabilize. Suitable for paddlers who want a fast surf ski with reserves.


With the Falcon, Stellar has succeeded in creating an extremely versatile surf ski that performs excellently in many conditions. Suitable for training and competition.


The Stellar Elite Intermediate (SEI) surfski for advanced paddlers looking for a boat for all conditions. It has a high top speed with good stability.


The Stellar Elite Assassin sets the bar high: This surf ski was developed for very advanced and professional paddlers. In its class, it offers comfort and stability for the 41.4 cm width.

S2E Finally

This surfski tandem is the training machine for a well-timed team! With a length of 7.50 m, it weighs only 18 kg in the Excel layup!