Start Brands Skim Sea Kayaks Model overview

The available models of Skim sea kayaks

You can purchase any kayak that Skim is currently producing through Lite Venture. Choose from the immediately available models that we have in stock or configure your own sea kayak and determine components such as color and layup. Each model can also be ordered as a divisible kayak - this makes it easier to take it with you on expeditions and does not require much space for storage at home either.

Challenge Serie

The Skim Challenge series includes the two models Braveheart and Beaufort with their respective sizes. These sea kayaks are built to withstand the toughest conditions. The particularly robust Rockhopper layup is only available on Challenge series kayaks.


The Braveheart is an agile sea kayak with high stability. It offers safety as well as very good manoeuvrability. Ideal for surf surfing and also for expeditions thanks to its storage space.

Braveheart LV

The low volume variant of the Braveheart for light to medium weight. The agile sea kayak with high stability for surf surfing and, thanks to its storage space, also for expeditions and multi-day tours.


The ultimate sea kayak: With its suitability for long distances, it combines a playful character: A beautiful boat for day trips as well as for expeditions lasting several weeks. Fully loaded, the Beaufort remains stable and maneuverable.

Beaufort LV

The low-volume variant of the Beaufort for light to medium weight: This sea kayak is suitable for long distances and has a playful character: A beautiful boat for day tours as well as for expeditions lasting several weeks.

Beaufort XL

Finally, the Beaufort sea kayak is also an option for tall paddlers: the XL version offers an enlarged coaming, more deck height and space for long legs.


The Original Series of Skim changed the way we look at and experience kayaks today: Many of the design features and elements of the original Skims can now be found in other kayak brands around the world. But there is only one original! The details and practical solutions are still far above the average standard today.

Differ MKII

A sporty and fast sea kayak for training, long tours and short overnight trips. A dream arrow for advanced paddlers with good agility.

Allround Series

All Allround series kayaks are based on original Finnish designs that have been on the market for many years and through customer feedback have evolved into the great kayaks they are today.

Artisan 5G

The Finnish Legend: True Scandinavian design with fast, light hull and deck construction. Easy to load, it's a great kayak for expeditions of a week and longer.

Viking Legend

A well-equipped, light and agile British-style sea kayak with Scandinavian features: gently sloping V-hull, easy paddling, increased stability, larger volume and excellent finish.