Start SUP Lite Venture® iSUP UV protective cover

UV protective cover

The UV protective cover extends the life of your inflatable SUP board and protects the colors

Inflatable stand up paddle boards should not be exposed to the sun for too long when out of the water - high heat and UV radiation lead to faster aging or damage to the connections if the air pressure is too high. Heat also causes higher air pressure inside the board.

If you want to transport your board on the car roof or leave it on the deck of a boat / on the beach / outdoors, this cover protects your board from the sun and helps to keep the colors and materials fresher for longer. Nevertheless, we recommend that you rarely store the board in the sun. Liability for damage to the board related to heat or UV radiation cannot be accepted.

The iSUP is placed in the UV protective cover when inflated.

The air pressure should be reduced before storing in the case.

Close - your SUP board is now protected from UV radiation in the sleeve.

The UV sleeve also protects iSUPS on the deck of a boat
Pictures: The crew of Project Manaia uses Lite Venture SUP boards and the UV sleeves to store the boards on the deck of theirs sailing boat. More information about the project