Lite Venture Team

Thomas Grossler

Site manager
Test center Krakow am See

Thomas runs the test center and the Lite Venture branch in Krakow am See on the Mecklenburg Lake District.

Christian Seel

Workshop & Advice
Main location Eschbach
Christian manages the repair and service center. As a former bus driver, he also likes to go on delivery trips.

Alex von Strombeck

Testcenter Hamburg
Alex runs the test center in Hamburg with a large selection of Skim and Stellar kayaks as well as Lite Venture SUP boards. He offers tours and paddling courses.

Stefan Lander

Testcenter Moers
Stefan makes it possible to arrange tests of a large selection of Lite Venture SUP boards, Stellar kayaks and also Skim at Elfrather See in Krefeld.

Jacob Simon

Test center Halle/Saale
On a small side arm of the Saale, Jacob welcomes you in a relaxed atmosphere to test Lite Venture SUP boards, Stellar and Skim kayaks.

Simone Lauterbach

The lady for all questions about invoices.


Anne van Roode

Founder and owner
Product development and management

Myriam Eismann

Founder and owner
Design and marketing