SUP Touring Paddle Endurance

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Length: 175 - 220 cm
Ergonomically shaped handle.
Delivery includes blade bag.

Available blade sizes:
Blade size M - 17 x 45.5 cm / 540 qcm
Blade size L - 17 x 45.5 cm / 540 qcm

Weight three-piece: 625 g
Weight two-piece: 610 g
Weight one-piece: 480 g

The Endurance paddle in the PRO version is one-piece. We can cut it to the desired length on request or deliver it with a handle for you to cut to length yourself, up to 220 cm in length. The tapered shaft has a harder flex. Please contact us for this.
Price 399,- € (+ shipping costs due to excess length 49,- €)
Parts: three-part


Leaf size: M

Leaf size