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ULTRA Fast 14"
Start SUP Lite Venture® iSUP ULTRA Fast

Finally a 14 iSUP that stays stiff!

Gliding like it's on rails: Despite its length of 427 cm, this SUP board remains ULTRA stiff without sagging, even under load. This makes it extremely efficient and fast when paddling, it uses the entire length on the water. The ideal iSUP for long distances or a sporty workout.

Suitable for:

Person weight: 60-120 kg
Total load: 140 kg
Tour, long distance, training


14" x 28'
427 x 71 cm
12.5 kg | 340 litres


Preaminated Woven
Double Layer Drop Stitch,
Cordura (Trolley Bag)


Board, Trolleybag, Triple Action Pump, Leash, Fin, Repair set

The long-distance machine among the inflatables

This makes the ULTRA Fast the fast SUP:

During the development of this board, the focus was on rigidity: In many tests and evaluations of 14er inflatables, we could see that the boards bend up under load - this means that track and power are lost. We have achieved the goal, as can also be seen in the test evaluation of SUP TV (below).


The continuous carbon stringer and the high-quality prelaminated dropstitch double layer keep the board stiff in almost all conditions.

Flat rocker

The board uses the full length on the water - this gives enormous tracking and smoothness. Once in motion, the speed is easy to maintain.


Practice pivots and improve your skills with the non-slip kick pad. The rear provides stability, which is also an advantage with luggage.


Ideal for long distances and higher luggage loads: The stability already takes your strength and keeps you on track. Find out more about the 7 lakes adventure with ULTRA Fast from Ivan: to the story

Triple Action Pumpe

The set includes the large-volume triple action pump: this allows the board to be inflated quickly and effortlessly. In the third stage, it works effectively with moderate effort.

The ULTRA Fast 14" in the test at SUP TV

From the test report: "A board that has a hardboard feeling in terms of stiffness." | "Excellent straight-line stability that is second to none when compared to other touring boards." | "Processing consistently premium quality, high-quality and robust workmanship." | "The perfect stand up paddle board for us!"

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