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The compact tourer
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Easy handling
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Stable and relaxed
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The S14 G2 is a very compact and easy to transport kayak. With a length of only 4.36 meters and a weight of approx. 16.5 kg, transport and storage are much easier. The kayak also has a spacious seat hatch for easy and comfortable entry and exit.

The G2 generation now also offers a day hatch directly in front of the seat hatch. The S14 G2 comes standard with SKEG. All S14 G2 can be supplemented with a rudder.

Suitable for

Paddler weight: 60-110 kg
Load: 155 kg
Lightweight: yes
Leisure, tours, multi-day tours, beginners


Advantage layup: 16.5 kg
Multisport layup: 16.5 kg
Construction: laminated
Layup variants: Advantage, Multisport


Advantage layup: from €2,890.00
Multisport layup: from €3,190.00
Optional stern rudder: €120
Laminated keel strip ex works: €120
Also available in divisible form: More here


Length: 436 cm
Width: 62.0 cm
Seat hatch: 85 x 44 cm
Volume front hatch: 57 l
Volume hatch rear: 125 l
Day hatch front: available

The advantages of the Stellar S14

Features at a glance

The popular S14 touring kayak is just as interesting for beginners as it is for more experienced paddlers who want a compact kayak.

Stellar Kajak Touring S14 G2 Foto Balance


The Stellar S14 is ideally balanced in its form. You can feel it when paddling and also when carrying it.

Stellar Kajak Touring S14 G2 Foto Transport


The lightweight S14 can also be handled easily on its own - even when transported between water and land.

Also available in parts

The S14 is now also available as a divisible and particularly easy-to-transport variant.
More here


Doubly partitioned and with a design that also makes rolling possible, rougher conditions are no problem.

Stellar Kajak Touring S14 G2 Foto Einstieg

Get in

Thanks to a generously designed cockpit, getting in and out is easy, even for heavier or less mobile people.


Precise edging is possible, the driving behavior never feels excited but relaxed.

What customers say about the S14 G2

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Lutz Bergner

I bought the Stellar S14 G2 3 years ago. I was looking for a lightweight, versatile kayak - suitable for large and heavy paddlers. I really liked the look of the S14 and so I only bought it after trying it out. I've never regretted it - because...


(Translated from French, via Google):
I decided to buy an S14 G2 and I am very happy with the decision.
What convinced me to buy it from Lite Venture are the following points: >
- They are close to where I ...

These points make the S14 G2 unique:

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Tail Rudder - Optional

The S14 G2 comes standard with a Kayak Sport SKEG. If you want, you can also order a Smart Track tail rudder.

Large cockpit hatch and comfortable seat

The S14 G2 has a large, oval cockpit hatch (85 x 44 cm). This allows easy entry and exit.

baggage hatches

The S14 G2 is equipped with two large, oval luggage hatches. These offer enough space to use the S14 for multi-day tours.

SKEG by Kayak Sport

We equip the S14 G2 with Kayak Sport SKEG as standard. This is a better SKEG rig than what Stellar usually uses.

day hatch

From model year 2023, we will no longer configure the day hatch with the screw cap but with kayak sport hatch covers. This offers more space in the day hatch, better handling and better watertightness.

Kevlar keel strips

A Kevlar keel strip can be added to all Stellar kayaks for individual orders. This is usually already included with the S14 G2 that is in stock. It increases the weight by around 700 g.

The Stellar S14 G2 presented in detail

Ben Lawry from Stellar visiting the Lite Venture headquarters: He presents the S14 with the improvements within the new edition (G2).