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Configure your individual Stellar kayak

As a Stellar distributor for Europe, we always have a selection of immediately available models in stock. You are also welcome to configure your dream kayak. It is possible to adjust the colors, the layups and options such as keel stripes, stern rudder and some pedals. We would also be happy to create a color visualization of your dream kayak or surf ski for you free of charge.

The delivery time is three to five months, depending on the time of the order.

If you're not sure which model suits you best, give us a call or arrange a free trial at one of our locations near you.

Color choice of your Stellar kayak

You can choose from the colors below and combine them on the hull / deck / deck strip / coaming and seat. If you want to change the color of the seat and coaming (standard is black), this is also possible for an additional charge of €100. See “Layup” below for an example of a color matched seat + coaming.

The colors are not "varnish" but the color of the gelcoat used. This is always applied to the mold first. If you order your kayak in a multisport layup and you want the carbon-kevlar fiber to be visible on the hull, choose transparent gelcoat.

Equipment of your new kayak

By choosing the layup and the equipment, you determine the character of your personal, new kayak:


Stellar offers various fiberglass and carbon-kevlar layup combinations. With most models you can choose between particular lightness (Excel), the cheapest price (Advantage) and robustness (Multisport). Some models are only available in the Advantage layout.

equipment details

After consultation, it is also possible to add a keel strip (color choice possible, surcharge €140), to adjust the pedals (QR-Track) or to adjust bulkheads in favor of more loading space / more legroom.

control system

Models such as the SI18 and SILV sea kayaks or the S14 come standard with skegs. They can be supplemented with a stern rudder either when ordered from the factory or as a retrofit. Stellar uses the SmartTrack tail rudder. We have video instructions for installation here:

Do you have your own wishes for your kayak and would you like an individual offer?

We are happy to advise you - send us a message and we will call you back. Or contact us directly:
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