STELLAR S14 | Lightweight at 16.5 kilos

The compact tourer

STELLAR S14 | Lightweight at 16.5 kilos

Easy to charge
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Built for big expeditions

STELLAR S18 Expedition

The S18 is for medium to large sized paddlers looking for a fast boat with large volume for payload. It is characterized by high stability and directional stability.

The S18 Expedition is new, which also has a day hatch, a hatch behind the seat and a keel strip. It comes standard with the multisport layup with Smart Track stern rudder.

The S18 and S16 as well as the S15LV are made for long tours thanks to their length. The S18 is even faster than the S16 due to its additional length. The slightly concave bow and stern increases tracking stability.

Suitable for

Paddler weight: 70-120 kg
Payload: 175 kg
Lightweight: yes
Divisible: no
Tours, multi-day tours, expedition, ambitious


Cockpit length x width: 81 x 44 cm
Weight: 18.5kg
Construction: laminated
Layup Variations: Multisport

Technical specifications

Length: 550cm
Width: 54.7 cm
Volume: -
Volume hatch front: 87 l
Rear hatch volume: 130 l
Volume day hatch forward: -
Volume day hatch aft: -


Multisport Layup: ab 3.490,00 €
Laminierter Kielstreifen ab Werk: 120 €

S18 Exp im Vergleich zu S18R

Länge 550 cm (Exp) / 548 cm (R)
Breite 54,7 cm (Exp) / 51,2 cm (R)
Gepäckvolumen: gleich
Gewicht: 18,5 kg (Exp) / 17,8kg (R)
Kielstreifen: Standard beim S18 Exp
SmartTrack: bei beiden enthalten

The advantages of the Stellar S14

Features at a glance

The popular S14 touring kayak is just as interesting for beginners as it is for more experienced paddlers who want a compact kayak.

Zwei Tagesstaufächer

Im direkten Zugriff vom Cockpit aus befinden sich zwei kleine Staufächer und die Gepäcknetze.

Blick ins Cockpit:

Seitliche Fussrasten, vom Sitz aus verstellbar, Trinkflaschenhalterung am Sitz, Unterschiff aus Carbon-Kevlar (Multisport-Layup).


Das Unterschiff wird zusätzlich durch den Kevlar-Kielstreifen geschützt, der beim S18 Exp. standardmäßig verbaut wird.

Smart Track Heckruder

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These points make the S18 Expedition special

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Optional tax possible

The S14 has a skeg installed that ensures good directional stability. If you want, you can optionally attach an additional control.

Large cockpit hatch and comfortable seat

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Generous hatches

Generous and easily lockable hatches. Front volume: XXX Rear volume: XXX

Stable handle

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Kevlar Kielstreifen

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day hatch

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Own boat name

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