Which paddle suits me?

The Black Edition paddles in comparison

Depending on the construction of the paddle blade, the Lite Venture carbon paddles offer different features:

“Endurance“ stands for “endurance” and is the best way to support you when paddling over long distances and for several days. The paddle blade is elongated, slightly curved and has no embossing. It can be guided very effectively and without fluttering. If you want to increase the pressure and speed, you can do this at a higher frequency.

The “Crossride“ enables you to do both: relaxed and powerful paddling. The double concave on the working side of the blade intelligently increases the area of ​​the paddle blade. The concave enables flow-optimized drainage of the displaced water. In short: This allows you to paddle powerfully and relaxed.

The “Powertrack“ is the work machine for powerful paddling on tour due to its recessed blade shape. Due to the medium flex in the shaft, it is - like the other two - not intended for sprinting or racing. The flex relieves the strain on your shoulders and elbows and supports you on long journeys.

Two- or three-piece? In two parts, the paddles have a fixed length of 170 cm and can be extended up to 220 cm. The paddle shaft can also be divided into three parts. This means that the paddle can be put on or in the bag of the inflatable SUP and transported compactly. One-piece paddles have a fixed length, which we can adjust upon request.

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